Setting: five teenagers enter from stage right-they're on a hiking excursion (order of line up: A, B, C, E, D. F is hidden-acting as the echo to what the hikers yell.)

The Cast

A: A person with rhythm

B: the moderator

C: quirky and over excited

D: perky

E: Nerdy

A: Wow. This mountain is really high. It's so beautiful up here. I bet you could make a really good echo.

B: Echo!

F: Echo! Echo! Echo! (gradually getting softer)

C: (pushes past other hikers)Oh Wow! I wanna try! Ugh…umm…I know! Chicken Pox!

F: Chicken Pox! Chicken Pox! Chicken Pox!

A: Chicken Pox?

C: Yeah Chicken Pox. I'll yell it again. Chicken Pox!

F: Chicken Pox! Chicken Pox! Chicken Pox!

D: Hey. Stop hogging all the echoes.

E: (nerdy voice) You can't hog an echo.

B: Don't fight! Let D have a turn.

D: Yay. Muffins!

F: Muffins! Muffins! Muffins!

E: I think it's my turn now. Deoxyribonucleic Acid!


A: That's a really smart echo. (general mumbling of agreement)

C: Ooh! Ooh! I know! Why don't we all take turns? (general agreement)


B: (to A) What are you waiting for?

A: I'm waiting for the right moment.

E: Well, tell that moment to hurry up.

A: (Makes face at E) Manatee! (C begins looking in back pack on his/her back)

F: Manatee! Manatee! Manatee!

B: Cockroach!

F: Cockroach! Cockroach! Cockroach!

C: Uhoh!

F: Spaghetti O's! Spaghetti O's!

All laugh and congratulate C-except C

C: (trying to talk over the others) No you guys. Really. Uhoh. I forgot my lunch.

D: (whips out sandwich) I have an extra bologna sandwich. Want that?

C: I would love a bologna sandwich.

E: Bologna?

C: Bologna!

No echo-silence

B: Did you hear that?

D: Hear what?

B: There was no echo.

E: That's scientifically impossible. How can you hear something is its not…hearable.

A: Try again. Maybe you didn't yell it loud enough.

C: Okay. Bologna!!!

No echo

B: (shrugging) Guess its defective. (collective shrug)

A: My turn! My turn! Chicken Noodle! (does the dance)

F: Soup! Soup!

E: That wasn't your turn! It's my turn. I'm the smartest man in the world!

F: Bologna! Bologna! Bologna!

All point and laugh at E and exit stage right