Due to an unfortunate loss of inspiration for this story (for which I feel unbelievably bad about) this will be the last you will hear of Anna and the Guys. I feel so bad about giving up on it, so I figured that so you're not left wondering the fate of the Tooth Enamels, I may as well tie things up the best I can. So I apologize for the ending, as well as being unable to continue. For those who have stuck it out to the end, I truly appreciate it!

Thank you.


On New Years Eve, the band was hired to do a concert at a local restaurant. It was successful, and by the end of the night they were getting requests for a cd. Some people recorded their performance on their camera phones, and the Tooth Enamels became an over night hit on YouTube. Higher up people began to pay attention to this quirky group, and within ten months, they had signed a record contract.

They had a few hits during their time in the limelight, but never really became a massive hit. Still, they had a small faithful following that made their job worth it. The band stayed together for as long as they were able to play music, which was a very long time indeed.

Andy and Anna got married, of course, and lived weirdly ever after in a duplex with their two kids (a girl and a boy).

Gary and Beth eventually got married as well, and lived in the other half of the duplex with their four kids.

Grin and Eliza eloped. After they started having kids (three of them), Grin became more animated, and soon became as loud and strange as Gary.

Yahtzee did not end up with Candice. When he was about twenty eight, he met and married a lovely lady singer named Layla who happened to the the Eastern Coast Yahtzee Champion. They did not have children.

Jack and Becca were married an lived happily ever after in a castle with a moat and a dragon. Not really. Jack did, however, invent and patent a very useful and important computer program which enabled them to live quite comfortably with their three kids (all boys).

And the crazy Jackie Chan-obsessed old lady? She continued to harass Anna whenever they happened to meet (which was more often than Anna would have liked), until she died peacefully in her sleep after watching Rush Hour 2 for the 68th time.