My Guardian Angel

By, Chelsea White

The rain pattered softly against the two black umbrellas crowded together for warmth and comfort. Crystal clear droplets of water have been falling onto the newly dug up ground of the graveyard for an hour now. It always rains a lot in Forks, Washington. Two people, all dressed up sharply in black, stood in front of a granite gravestone rimmed in grey. The dead corpse of an adult man rested peacefully under it, unaware of the world above it. There were carvings on the gravestone to show who occupies this spot underneath.

Robert Horton

1960 - 2006

A loving father, husband, and son

He will always be in our hearts

The rain was cold and harsh against the woman's skin. She was the dead man's husband, now widowed by the recent events. She was his loving wife Alice Horton. In the past few days her complexion has turned pale and she has bags under her eyes from many sleepless nights. Her usually bright blonde hair has become a dull yellow color due to the lack of proper treatment. As each day progresses her depressed spirit weakens her body making her thinner, and her posture slouches with weariness. For each rain drop that hit her black dress coat a stab of loss and emptiness ran through her veins.

"Mommy, where did daddy go? Is he gonna come back?" asked a young girl who is only six years old and does not quite understand death yet. She was wearing a black dress rimed in lace at the ends. Her curly brown hair put up into two pigtails.

"No Faye, daddy is not going to come back. He has gone to heaven to live with God now. He has become an angel sweetie." The mother tried her best to be easy on her daughter, wanting to protect her from the hurtful sorrow of loosing her father. A child should never have to go through the pain of loosing a parent.

"Oh… I'm really gonna miss daddy. Will I ever get to see him again?" Faye's soft face became downcast with the idea that she might never see her father again.

"Maybe, someday in heaven you two can play horsey-back together and have as much candy as you want before your bedtime stories." She tried to choke back sobs as her little daughter was still so innocent. A child's ignorance at times could be hard to get around.

Faye looked up towards the sky, searching the grey rain clouds for a sigh of heaven and her father. Without success her gaze shifted back to the ground. Right next to her left foot was a little yellow dandelion, barely seen under the thick coverage of the grass. Her hair fell into her face as she dropped to the ground to pick the flower. Its soft petals tickling her nose as she lifted it to smell it's sent. The many memories of her and her father came rushing back.

The day at Crescent Meadow picking wild flowers and strawberries with her parents. The sun was shining bright and there wasn't a cloud in the big blue sky. It would be described as a perfect day in Forks. Faye was wearing light blue overalls with a pink shirt underneath. Dirt covered her hands and legs in a sheen of brown from running, and falling, around in the vast field.

"Daddy, look at his one!" she pointed to a pale lavender flower standing off on its own.

"Isn't it so pretty?!" she squealed with happiness.

"My, it is almost as pretty as you! Would you like to take that one home too? I know, why don't you take it to Grandma's when we visit her tomorrow. She would love it! How does that sound to you?"

"Do you think Grandmamma will likes it?!" Her eyes shone with delight from the accomplishment of finding the beautiful flower.

"It's perfect. Now come on, lets go home and put it in a vase so it won't get thirsty. Flowers need water too."

Faye let go of her mother's hand that she had been holding onto and walked up to the gravestone.

"Here daddy, this is for you. I found it and thought you might like it. It reminds me of you. I'm gonna miss you daddy. Please let me see you again sometime. I want to play horsey-back, but mommy isn't as good as you. Mommy misses you too ya know. I don't see why you had to go, we had so much fun together. Well, bye bye daddy." and with that Faye placed the small flower onto the red mud before the gravestone and walked back to her mother, ignoring the soft rain falling on her shoulders.

Alice took her daughter's small hand back into her own bigger one and bent down to give her daughter a hug for comfort. The hug lasted for quite awhile and gave a small amount of warmth to the both of them. She didn't really know if it was to help comfort her daughter or her.

"Mommy I'm hungry, can we go home?" Faye broke the silence that had descended down upon them. As if in answering her stomach gave a low grumble.

"Of course honey. C'mon lets go get in the car." Alice parted from the hug and straightened her coat more properly onto her shoulders. They started to walk back to the car. Faye now leading the way, was skipping up ahead happy to go and get something to eat for dinner. With one last glimpse behind her shoulder to look at her deceased husband's final resting spot she buckled Faye into her booster seat and got into the drivers seat of their blue Honda Accord. She revved the engine and drove off, out of the depressing cemetery.

Once they arrived home Faye jumped out of the car and ran into their soft yellow, one story home. Alice soon followed her in and began to make dinner. Spaghetti was one of Faye's favorites, mostly because she could get the red sauce all over everything. It was a very messy meal, but she thought Faye deserved it. It was ready to eat in about forty five minuets.

"Faye, come and get dinner honey! Don't forget to wash your hands this time. You wouldn't want those nasty germ monsters to get you." A smile grew on her face. The germ monsters was a way to get Faye to wash her hands because she tends to forget about that a lot.

Faye put down the coloring book she was doodling in and skittered off into the hallway bathroom to wash up. You could hear the sound of running water as she soaped up her hands. When the water finally shut off and Faye sat down at the table to eat, the spaghetti had already been served onto two plates.

"I guess it will only be two from now on." thought Alice. She didn't let her sadness show through as Faye started to babble on about her coloring of a rainbow bird she did.

Soon dinner was over and it became bedtime for Faye. She changed into a warm night outfit and brushed her teeth with some supervision from her mother.

"Moshmy wash dos yous thinks Wes gonnd dos tomorrow?" Faye attempted to say through a mouthful of Crest toothpaste.

"Faye, darling, spit out the toothpaste before you talk. You don't wanna end up swallowing that nasty stuff." chastised Alice.

"I said, what do you think we are gonna do tomorrow?" said Faye after she spit and rinsed her mouth.

"I don't know sweetie. But I do know that it's past beddy bye time for you. Now go hop on into bed and I'll be right there to tuck you in."

As soon as she was tucked in her small bed and fell asleep Alice went to her own room and followed the same routine. She was soon fast asleep and dreaming of a field covered with wild flowers and strawberries.

Back in Faye's room she was tossing and turning in her sleep. Her eyes were moving behind her eyelids as if searching for something in a dream.

"Daddy……..daddy where are you?" she was walking around in a pitch black room, calling out for her father. He has always been her sense of protection and safety.

"Daddy hurry the monster is gonna get me!!!!" She was running now in a frenzied panic. Running from a monster that was just in her imagination. Her hair was sticking out wildly behind her and tears poured out from the corners of her eyes.

"I'm scared daddy. Please save me from the Gobbler! Don't let 'em eat me!" Stumbling around in the darkness she tripped over her own feet and hurled herself to the floor. She scraped her knees and the palms of her hands on the rough tiles. Everything was black and no light was to be seen anywhere.

She started to cry and curled herself up into a ball when suddenly a hand reached and rubbed her on the back in slow, soothing circles.

"Daddy, is that - is that you?" Now a faint light was visible and it was descending towards Faye. A man was standing in the center of the soft, luminous glow. As he came to be next to Faye he reached out a hand towards her.

"Shhhh, darling it's ok now. Daddy is here, don't be frightened. The monster isn't going to get you. Come here and give me a big hug." Her father's strong, but not harsh voice coaxed.

Faye leapt up and ran into his welcoming arms. She always feels so small when wrapped up in his strong, almost gorilla-like, arms. It was like a safeguard had been put up around her.

"Oh how I missed you daddy! Why did you leave me and mommy?" she only snuggled closer as if willing him to hold her closer.

"Well, it wasn't my choice to go, but I had to because it was my time. I love you and your mother very much Faye. I wouldn't trade anything in the world for you two, but I am here now and I can not come back. Please don't be sad over me. I will always be there when you need me ok? Just think of me." His soft kind eyes shone in the soft light.

"So does that mean you're gonna be my guardian angel forever and ever?" questioned Faye.

"Forever and ever. I will always be in your heart to comfort and to guide you. Yes, I am your guardian angel."

"I love you daddy!"

"Ok well, it's probably time you should go. Remember if you need me I will be there for you." And he pointed to her heart.

Her father scooped her up into his big arms and started to walk off. Faye let out a big yawn and before she knew it she was fast asleep, safe in her protector's grasp.

It was still dark outside when I heard Faye yelling from her room to come quickly. My exhaustion quickly forgotten as I dashed to my daughter's bedroom to see if anything was wrong. My mind coming up with different scenarios of things that could have happened to her. When I threw open the door I saw her sitting on the end of the bed with a big smile on her face.

"Mommy, I saw daddy! He was there and he made the monster go away. He said he will always be here when I need him! Isn't that great!"

I let out a big sigh, happy that she was safe and unharmed.

"I bet he was. Now its time to go back to sleep, it is still night time and you need your sleep." I tucked my little girl in for the second time and kissed her cheek goodnight. I walked out of her room and cracked her door. I was about to walk away when I heard her mutter; "Goodnight Daddy, my guardian angel."

A smile crept onto my face. "Goodnight Robert. Our guardian angel"