Quite a situation a gardener has

When burdened with weeds

And grass in a patch

Intended for flowers.

A gardener must pull the weeds

Pull the grass

To nurture the flowers

So that beauty dominates.

But what can one do

If the grass can not be pulled

Or the weeds

Because they deserve better?

All three plants have life

The good, the bad, the mediocre

It would be a sin to purge any of them

So what does one do?

So organized, they are

The good, the bad, the mediocre

All in their own area

All with their own kind

They grow the way they are

Not because of genetics

Not because of their race

But because of their surroundings

A weed is a weed

Because it is surrounded by weeds

So what does one do

To stop growing weeds

And to make more flowers

If the weeds cannot be pulled?

The old weeds and grass

The bad, the mediocre

Must be turned

Into flowers