With as many times as she's hit me coming up the stairs, you would think that I'd be injured. The beauty of being in football in college suddenly dawns on me.

At least when she beats up on me, she's not actually hurting me.

I turn her around just before we enter her room, and place an open-mouthed kiss on her collarbone. I just wanted her to know that I missed her. Not being with her these past few weeks has been killing me. I really wish we had just gone to the same fucking college, things would be so much easier.

I looked at her side of the room, so much cleaner than her roommate's, and I just sit down on the bed. I lean back against the wall and look at her. And damn if she isn't hot enough to make my breath catch. I'm wiling her to come sit beside me, but she's saying something, starting another argument, no doubt.

"Why do you piss me off so much?" She demands, and I have to wonder what I did wrong this time.

Women have always confused me. But this one seems worth the uncertainty.

She kneels on the bed, pushes at my shoulders, and starts saying something else, by the end of her tirade she's yelling. I'm not really paying attention, deciding long ago that watching her was more interesting. I think she ended with something about wearing a black shirt with brown shoes.

Alright, so she has her quirks.

But you should see her.

It's all worth it.

Her roommate's playing music and the only thing I can catch besides Natalie's yelling is something like "I die trying just to keep myself from kissing you." It's so easy for me ignore her roommate, because Natalie is just everything I see.

The gum I'm chewing since I ate on the way here (a 4 hour drive on a Wednesday night, thank you) is getting in my way. But I pull her from her position kneeling on the bed in front of me—still yelling—and she falls on top of me. The position kind of hurts, but I enjoy it because she's closer. I kiss her softly, lingeringly.

God, I've missed her.

I nuzzle her neck and the gum almost pops out of my mouth. She starts laughing, a loud laugh that truly fills me with joy, and then goes into another rant about not having gum on her bed as she lays down to see the movie her roommate put in for us to watch. I lay down beside her, knowing the temptation is dangerous but not being able to resist.

I just lay my hand on her stomach, reveling in the fact that I know the skin beneath my hand is so soft, almost made from silk.

Suddenly, I notice how hot it is in the room, and take off one of my shirts; the flannel shirt fell to the floor, the boots having left before she ever let me on her white comforter. Her dark brown hair is such a contrast to the white pillowcase and I twirl a few of the strands with my fingers.

"Aiden, why don't we go somewhere?"

"Where?" I ask, even as I'm leaning closer to her, trying to not push her off of the small twin bed.

"I don't know, but it's about 10 o'clock so we'd better go soon."

I smile, anticipating being alone with her for just a little while. I move to get up and she pushes me back down. I smile at her aggressive nature, and she kisses me, a ravenous kiss that makes me forget what we were talking about. She moves to get up and I'm confused momentarily. I reach for her hand and she lets her fingers linger in mine for just a moment, before pulling me up. We move to the door, with me grabbing my boots and flannel shirt on the way, and she turns around to tell her roommate she's leaving.

In the process, she saw the way my jeans had caught on the top of my boots.

"You are not walking out of here like that."

I just laughed at her and fixed my pant legs. We made it all the way out to the car, trying to stay warm on a November night, before she smiled at me in such a way that I had to stop and scoop her in my arms for our first proper kiss that night.

If you can call making out in the parking lot a proper kiss.

Damn, she's a good kisser.

"How was your day?" I whispered, after the kiss had to be broken reluctantly for air.

"Fine," she answered, and I opened the car door for her.

We rode in silence, trying to decide where to go. I wasn't really hungry, but I could tell she was, so I stopped by a Taco Bell. Well, I stopped by it because it was where she directed me to go; I didn't exactly know this city very well. I pretty much only came here to see her, then I had to leave again. We ordered some food and she sipped on her drink lightly, staring at the bag of food. I smirked and moved the bag closer.

And still she didn't do anything. Instead she started talking about how she was going to start working out with her roommate on some buddy program. I hope this isn't leading up to an "I'm so fat!" conversation because, not to be shallow, but I wouldn't exactly date a whale.

We walked slowly to her room, with me trying to stall her in everyway I knew how. We talked about ridiculous things, like commercials that made her laugh. Made us both laugh. We returned to the room, to find her roommate in complete silence, in too deep of a mood for my light one to deal with.

We resumed the movie, and I sat back down on her bed, boots off, with the food in my lap.

"Eat your damn food," she said.

I gaped at her change of moods. She's got to be bi-polar. "What?"


Uh… "You want your—"

She just stared at me and I shut up, opening the bag and doing as she ordered before I got myself in even more trouble. She lay down, her head facing the footboard. Her legs were crossing over mine and I can't say that I minded the feel of her slim legs covering mine. I took off the flannel shirt again, but before it made it to the ground, she put it on.

Nothing is sexier than her in my clothes.

I pull her up by the collar on my shirt, not caring if I stretch or rip the material, and roughly kiss her. Her mouth is cold, like the soda she was drinking, but she tastes like pure Natalie.

I let her lay back down, a pink tinge to her cheeks, and I let my hand roam over her leg lightly before I begin to eat. She waits for a few more minutes, then sits up and begins to eat with me. I'm happy for the company, but I don't mention it for fear that she'll abandon the whole idea.

I finished before she did, and I put the wrappers aside and pulled her to sit against my chest. She's sitting between my legs and I couldn't be happier watching a decent movie with a wonderful woman. She puts a hand above my knee, putting her snack aside, and I wrap my arms around her waist, understanding the signal. She smiles, continues to eat, and I have wonder at the utter honesty in our relationship.

She finished eating, with me having given in to a sudden urge and nibbling on her neck, and so she picked up my cell phone, checking the calls and pictures. As much as it ticks me off that she doesn't trust me, I don't mention it this time. Instead I turn my attention to what my hands are on, running them up her ribcage and hearing her breath catch when I stop just under her breasts.

I love the control she has over me, the control I have over her.

She moves forward, turning to look at me. She looks briefly at her roommate, who is still occupied in front of her computer, listening to music most likely; after deciding that she was safe, she lays down on the bed again, and I'm abandoning the movie completely. I stretched out beside her, half laying on her. I let my hand cup her cheek, loving the feel of her soft skin under my large palms. I run my fingers over her lips, loving the way that her breath is getting more erratic, and let them continue to run down her arm. She pulls my lips to meet hers and I tease her before giving her what she wants, sucking on her bottom lip, letting my hand slip beneath her shirt to tug at her belly button. I smile as she gasps, instead of taking immediate advantage. I move to cover her more completely, and she lets me, curling her leg around my calf. When we end the kiss, for the need of air, she rolls over, pushing me to move with her at the same time.

I let her push me, bending my leg at the knee and letting her rest her head on my chest, and just curl up. I run my hand up and down her back, just lightly stroking.

God, I've missed her so much.

It's alright that we argue, that we have the weirdest relationship I know, because I'm just in love with her, and that's all that matters to me. Leaving her tonight will be so hard, but I'll do it if it means that I'll see her all the sooner.

She's my own torture.