Lily casually bounced the netball, paused and clutched it in her hands. She brought it up above her head and in a swift, simultaneous bend of her arms and legs she straightened and sent the netball flying into the net with a sharp flick of her fingers.

She prepared to take a shot again, arms and legs ready to spring upwards, the netball perfectly poised above her head. Her midnight black eyes were intensely focused on the suspended hoop. Out of the corner of her eyes, she noticed an approaching figure. Her eyes averted and her concentration broke. In that split second, her bent knees chose to straighten and the netball sprung out of her hands. The netball slammed hard against the backboard and ricocheted towards the side, going straight for the approaching figure and smashed hard into his face.

"WHAT THEā€¦!"

He was effectively cut off by the landing netball that smothered his 'last words'. Lily stood watching in horror, witnessing the netball flying towards the person, barely registering the person in pain. Her eyes traveled from the netball to his forgotten basketball to his face. He was gently rubbing his nose, which had been the unfortunate protruding area in his face to suffer the greatest impact. No doubt slightly flattened.

He glared at the amusement on Lily's face, noting the slow smile spreading across her face.

"It's not amusing."

"Sorry," she apologized still grinning. "Actually, it is quite funny."

"Not if you're the person on the ground right now and smashed by a flying don't-know-what blue and red and white ball when you were just innocently walking."

He picked up the netball and scrutinized it with an appraising eye.

"Doesn't look impressive."

"Well, an egoistical scumbag like yours truly should be honored that a netball actually touched your face. Now you can leave in peace, knowing that you have achieved the greatest thing that you could do in your entire pitiful life," Lily huffed, annoyed at him for being critical to HER netball and basically bringing the game, her passion down.

He stared at her for a few agonizingly annoying seconds before breaking into a lazy smirk.

"Why are you staring at me? The netball killed a few of your sparse brain cells? No, scratch that, it killed your only brain cell."

"Well, I just recognized you as my fellow species with no brain cell. You see, with no brain cells, I take forever to process you ahem beautiful face so that I can recognize you, my fellow species, in future."

Lily glared at him. He could practically sense the ominous danger from her and her temperature rapidly rising. He could even see the few streams of smoke drifting out of her ears.

"Chill, I was just kidding. If it pleases you so, I will worship the netball and offer sacrifices to it every day before the crack of dawn. Alright?"

She raised her eyebrows.

"I'll even kiss it!"

"Prove it."

He rolled his eyes and in a dramatic wave of his arms, scooped the netball into his arms. He puckered his lips and bent down to land his lips on the netball.

"Give it back," Lily called, a forlorn expression on her face.

He tossed it back to her and grinned.


"I've got to wash my ball with dettol and all the detergent I have at home and soak it in water for 24 hours then air it for 24 days. Germs must be crawling all over it right now."

"Wait, do you have a BALL?" he smirked.

Lily took in a deep breath, apparently trying to calm herself down. He grinned inwards, aware that he had gotten under her skin. She stalked to her bag, picked it up and walked off.

"By the way, the ball just rolled into a drain a few minutes ago."

He refused to give her the satisfaction of seeing him rub his mouth in disgust. When she was a safe distance away, he furiously rubbed his mouth against his shirt sleeve, incredibly disgusted.

He realized then realized that he did not get her name. And, in the dimness of the basketball court in the early evening, he did not see her clearly. All that he knew was that her eyes were the colour of midnight-black.