Lily dragged her sore body through the Gym doors, sighing as she plunked herself down on the nearest bench.

Why is everyone, ok, at least the girls so excited and enthusiastic? I thought they hated Gym. It ruins their perfect hair and makeup.

Lily mentally rolled her eyes. As they rolled back, she felt her eyelids dropping lower…

And lower…

And lower…

And lower…


"Screech! He's here!"

Even in her highly inactive state of mind, she instinctively knew who the 'he' was. No, 'he' is not the teacher, but the acclaimed god of Westville High.

Tristan Henderson.

Someone up there hates me.

"Kids, listen up! Three rounds on the track!" the Gym teacher, a big burly woman, Mrs. Burns bellowed above the high-pitched giggles and screams. There was a cohesive groan before everyone picked up their bottoms and legs and transported themselves to the tracks.

Lily wanted to shield her eyes and scream out 'NC-16' at the sight before her. Many of the girls, in fact, ninety percent of the female population in the class were surprisingly running in the lead. For an unsurprising reason, it was to display their endowments at a particular someone. Gym was the perfect reason for them to sway their bottoms clad in short shorts constantly at him. Lily opted to run at the back, though given the front view to the display; she would rather this than to actually become one of them.

Shopping, contrary to popular belief, does not give one stamina. Eventually, the strain of running in the lead and wasting their energy swaying excessively caused many of them to lose speed and drop back, much to their anguish.

Lily, silently laughing, failed to notice said person dropping back to jog beside her.

"No stamina?" he smirked mockingly, raising one of his 'perfect' eyebrows.

It was not a comment. It was a challenge.

If I lose to you, my name is not Lily Lee!

Black eyes stared into blue ones.

"One, two, three, GO!"

Lily and Tristan shot forward, charging like a pair of mad bulls. The group of boys that were taking the lead heard their pounding footsteps and parted just in time before being shoved aside as the two sprinted through.

Lily and Tristan were side to side, neither able to break away. As they completed the round in sprints, they neared the end point. Both sneaked a look at each other before adding in an extra burst of speed. They hurled towards the end point and dropped onto the ground simultaneously.

They stared at each other competitively for a few seconds, which would have lasted longer had Lily not broke into a grin.

"Good run."

She stretched out her right hand and offered it to him. Tristan stared at it for a long time before looking questioningly at her.

"You're not supposed to kiss it or wrangle it or anything. You're just supposed to lift up your right hand, hold it to mine, clutch it, and give it a shake," Lily smiled, inclining her head.

Tristan rolled his eyes before shaking her hands.

"I knew that."

It's just that you're the first girl to treat me like that.

They climbed to their feet as the rest of the class arrived and made their way to Mrs. Burns.

"Your first module is basketball this year. And, we are lucky to have Tristan, the varsity basketball team's Captain. He will assist me in this module. Perhaps, to the delight of many." Mrs. Burns announced, giving a significant look at her last statement.

"I know all of you have watched a basketball match before, but I will like all of you to watch one again. This time, not swooning over their abs or their muscles, but to observe their moves and play."

Lily smiled at what Mrs. Burns said.

I think I'm going to like this teacher.

"Hmm…we have a three basketball players here. Six more enthusiastic boys who volunteered to play. We need one more player. Now…yes! Lily Lee!"

Lily jolted up upon hearing her name. She did not like the look on Mrs. Burns face.

"Why don't you play, Lily, it would be interesting to see how the girls could play, against the boys moreover. And, I've heard impressive comments from the netball team coach about you! Now, go join the other team. The one opposing Tristan's team."

I think I'm going to hate this teacher.

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