AN: Haikus, each with a different theme.

Theme 1: War

Folded arms,

weary smile,

Brave little soldier boy comes marching home.

Theme 2: Leaves

Leaves from the vine,

fall in the foam,

Leaves from the Cheery tree,

Fall near home.

Theme 3: Gems

Shiny things, you see?

Glittering charms.

Don't touch them, they belong to me.

Theme 4: Idiot

The village idiot

Runs into a post.

And thunks his head real good.

Theme 5: Unrequited Love

Under empty skies,

"I love you." she sighs.

She is alone when she dies.

Theme 6: Goodbye, my dear

"Goodbye, my dear." He says,

A smirk on his face.

And she then feels so cold.

Theme 7: Bon voyage!

Look towards the wide sea,

Feel the mist,

And imagine what you could be.

Theme 8: Sarcastic words

Clipped tongue, spiteful lingo

To relieve tension, say,

"Who's up for bingo?"

Theme 9: Siblings

I'm sure you have siblings,

One or two twerps,

A tip? Hit them with a shoe.

Theme 10: Internet connection

You watch as your connection strength


And curse when your comp freezes.

AN: Haha. I love these. My fave's gotta be Village idiot. So simple, yet makes me laugh.

'Theme 1: War' won 2nd place in a school haiku contest.

'Theme 6: Goodbye, my dear' doubles as a fanfiction.

'Theme 9: Siblings' was a gift for a friend.

AND, 'Theme 2: Leaves' was a haiku that's been in my head for about two years.

I hope you enjoyed them!