A poem you write

A word that you said

A song that you sang

A whisper you whispered in my ear

I remember it all.

Everything you say

Everything you do

Every look you give me

Every sigh you sighed

I remember it all

All the laughs

All the tears

All the times you were there

All the things I hold dear

I remember them all

I remind you of hurt

I remind you of fun

I remind you of tears

I remind you of a love that didn't work

We remember it all

It changed from an I to a we

In one simple sentence

The one I love you

The one I'll hold on

The one I'll be there

The one time I walked away

We remember the hard times

And try to forget

We remember what happened

We remember the pain

All the things I hide

You find them all

You know me better than anyone

The poem you wrote

The words that you said

The song that you sang

The whisper you said

All to me

I remember them all