I didn't have trust

It just wasn't there

I didn't want it, either

But you just didn't care

You wanted me to feel

Safe and secure again

But why

I slowly started to trust

Open myself up to you

I took months for me to do so completely

When I finally did, when I could take the final step

The final step of saying I love you

Taking the chance starting to believe in it again

You broke it

Shortly after you broke it

You broke me

You said you wouldn't

Worked so hard to reach me

To be with me

Then you decide you don't want me

You don't want this, you don't want what u worked so hard to gain, to achieve


Did you do this to teach me a lesson

Was this planned

Because you obviously know I care, care

So now you decide you need space

Time alone

Time for us to be just friends

You need to see other people

You don't want me anymore

You're scared, you say

Scared to be with me

You think I'm your soul mate

And you aren't ready to be with me

Then why do u say you love me

Wait you haven't said that in awhile either

Ya, I knew this would crash and burn

But why did I let myself need you

We should have stayed just friends

So we didn't need to go through this

The fighting; the silences; the feelings of anger

I don't want to fight with you, really, I don't

Why must we

You ask if I'm fine, say that I look sad

Of course I'm going to tell you no

What, you think I'm lying? Of course I am

Do you really want to hear how I feel, though, do you?

Ok, fine, but you asked

I feel betrayed, angry, upset, ok

I lost my friend it feels it feels like I have lost you

Still not enough information


I cry, I cry almost every night, because I know you won't love me soon

If you haven't already lost that feeling

I left today because of that I can't stand the yelling, the fighting; did you want to see me cry?

I'm sorry; you don't get that privilege.

So, I'm sorry

I'm sorry for all of this

I know it's my fault

I shouldn't have allowed any of this to happen.

Since the beginning

So I apologize

For it's my fault our friendship and more is falling apart

I'm so sorry

Also, I'm sorry I may not be here when you're ready,

And for that I'm most remorseful

But most of all

I'm sorry I can't stop loving you.