It's true.

It all came true.


Almost everything.

Everything that I said would happen did.

You don't love me anymore.

You love her already,

After 3 weeks,

I'm impressed it took you that long.

We are still best friends.

For that I rejoice,

But never again,

Never again tell me I'm wrong about something.

Something as important as that,

For you my friend,

Have truly broken my trust and my heart.

More my heart than my trust.

So this is what we must do.

We must march on.

On to another day.

Let's make sure.

We keep on marching.

So we don't.

Stop and think.

Why are we marching?

Because if the march stops,

Time will stop.

If the march stops,

I will crack.

Because if the march stops then you will know.

If the march stops though,

It just may be ok.

It just may be,

But, hopefully well never know.

So onward we march.