Author's Note

So with the completion of Deryck vs the Emo, my first successful, completed story is finally finished. It's been more than three years and many time months went by with the story untouched. All those who followed, all of those who left reviews, all of those who kicked my ass into gear when I didn't think I was gonna finish or hit major writer's block, I thank you.

A little bit about the story. People have pointed out the blatant use of all sorts of stereotypes; this is all intentional. In one way, this is a satirical way of making fun of scene politics, how punks and emo's can never seem to get along and have all these misconceptions about each other. For example, I KNOW that most emo's do not take part in acts of self-injury, and that self-injury is a serious disorder that should be treated with respect. I also know that a Mohawk doesn't make you a punk, and that punk comes from within and has little to do with the teenage rebellion that's in the news today. The reason I used these stereotypes so freely is that it allowed me to focus on the story as a whole and it let my characters grow and change, because I didn't have to spend so long creating a baseline personality for everyone in the story. With two bands, enemies, friends, and the like, there were a lot of characters. If I use stereotypes, it's harder for the reader to get confused.

The inspiration behind this story is that I wanted to make a story that I could see as both a good read and a good movie, but since making movies is expensive, we only get the book. They don't make good action movies like they used to anymore. Movies like Die Hard and The Rock that maybe weren't the most realistic but were just so much fun to watch. I think Deryck drove this point home better than I did, but this was supposed to be about fun. People forget to have fun these days in their works. I don't mean to slam anyone, but it seems like most of the stories I'm reading on this website these days are vampire novels, probably inspired by Stephenie Meyer. That's totally fine, but I wanted something that was simple, straightforward, and fun. Plus I am a punk, so it's easiest to right about punks.

I want to dedicate this story to all the people who were there for me and everyone who is represented in the story. This includes but is not limited to; Cory Palo, Jared Salber, Jake Salber, Leigha Hastings, Nathan Campanis, Karli Kuharik, Kaitlin Kuharik, Linda Tomajko, Dylan Sharpe, Matt Valentine, Spizz, Dan Hale, Phil Hoyt, and If Jesus Was A Dinosaur. Also to the bands Rejected Epileptics and Blind Pedestrian Crosswalk. Plus all the big bands I made mention of or referenced in the story (Bouncing Souls, Chiodos, Hawthorne Heights, Casualties, etc).

I'm starting a new story almost immediately, but I won't post anything till I have about five chapters or so. That way you'll have more than a spit at a time to read. The only characters that will transfer over will be Nick and Cory, but they will be used in different context and will not be the same people that they were in Deryck vs the Emo.

Again, thank you everyone, this story is my heart and soul and I'm glad I got to share it with you.