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A woeful cry caught in his throat as he held his one love for the last time. Brushing her dark hair against her equally dark skin made him convulse with sobs. She was his heart his soul, his life...his mere existence. It was his job to protect her from them he was suppose to shelter her from the storm. But instead he had let her die.

He could almost hear her cry out to him as they ripped her body apart. He could feel the fear they gave her as they defiled her body mutilating her. He wanted- no was going to kill whom ever thought they had the right the audacity to touch her. He sat in that dusty warehouse for what seemed like forever...waiting...watching for some sign that he would be able to join her.

Suddenly scenes from his life flashed before his eyes showing him things that he had done the trouble he had caused the havoc he had reeked upon others lives. They were quick little pieces but lethal all the same. Then the scenes changed and became joyful loving all involving her...his queen.

"Amerie," he whispered as if the mere sound of her name would be his demise.

He began to shake all over convulsing in sobs as he clung on to her cold damp body. He pressed his lips hard against her face hoping that would be her last chance for survival. His sea green whiskey colored eyes clamped shut and he ground his teeth together knowing it would be last time he would see her.

Suddenly his surroundings became more present as police sirens and movement could be heard outside. Yet he didn't care for his only worry was finding a way to end his own miserable life and join his beautiful queen. He searched around him for his weapon of choice as all that remained in his presence was three dead bodies, drugs, money, and a gun. Numbness coursed through him as he eyed the silvery piece hungrily, he gently laid Amerie's head on the ground and kissed her lips once more. With the military styled weapon being within arms reached he encircled his fingers around the gun and held it tightly.

There was nothing he wanted more than to start that month over again...to make everything right. Maybe if he had then she would be alive and both of them would be as far from that mess as possible just like he promised. His breath became ragged as his mind went back to when they first met to when he was sitting in the conference room waiting for the meeting to begin.

He remembers how the rowdiness of the room brought him a headache as he sipped his coffee. He closed his eyes and counted to thirty as his partner laughed at his annoyance. Then before he even got to fifteen the room is hushed and only two pair of foot steps could be heard. He opened his eyes and all he saw was her...with that he is jolted back into reality where at that very moment he pulled the trigger.

A bang...



A piercing noise...


And a hope that he could have gone back...

Then suddenly he feels like he's lying on a cloud...more like he's floating on air.

'Is hell suppose to feel this good or is the Man upstairs playing games with me,' he thought refusing to open is eyes.

"No Anthony this isn't hell," a somewhat humored voice broke through.

"What the fuck," he jumps up looking for the mysterious voice in the room full of white.

"Now now that is no kind of language to use toward someone who going to grant you your wish."

"How do you know my name? What wish are you talking about?"

"Anthony right before you so carelessly shot yourself in the head you wished for a second chance...a second chance to right your wrong. I have decided to grant you that."

Anthony who was still searching for the origin of the voice stopped and gasped as a ball of light appeared then materialized into a human being. An unearthly beauty stepped out toward him she had smooth caramel sun kissed complexion and held a striking resemblance to some kind of Egyptian princess. Her youthfulness brought a sudden tug at his heart making to hard to look at her. He felt a connection to this girl...

Anthony who looked like a deer caught in headlights said nothing so the girl giggled and continued.

"As I was saying you had a wish and I'm here to make that wish come true!"


"No time for questions...for all will be answered in due time," she said attempting to use her small body to push his to the center of the room.

"What are you doing?" He fumed pulling away from the girl.

"How so you expect me to send you back if you don't listen and do as I say," the girl whined folding her arms.

"You haven't said much!"

"Fine I'll give you the fast version you have three weeks to save Amerie's life...and right your wrong. If you don't destiny will have its way with history repeating itself and she will die. You have to find out who's really behind her murder and stop them...oh and you have to fix you've done too mister! The rules are you have to have all this mess worked out by 7:30 p.m. which was last night or she's dead, and once all is said and done if you fail there is no restart button. Oh and one more thing tell no one of this not even Amerie they'll think your crazy and this wish will become null and void. Agreed?" She stated holding out her hand.

Anthony confused but open at any opportunity to save his precious woman shook her hand in a biding agreement. A jolt of energy shot through him as he felt as if he were being sucked into a tunnel.

"Don't worry you'll never be alone...I'll be there to help you along the way!" the girl yelled to him.

Suddenly everything was dark and silent, Anthony had the sinking feeling he was trapped. The out of nowhere spurts of laughter and voices broke through and he could see specks of color. As if on cue everything became louder and brighter showcasing him the last thing he saw before he shot himself.

'The conference room,' he thought excitedly as he sipped his coffee. Without missing a beat he closed his eyes and counted to fifteen.

One...his eye twitched with anticipation

Two...his conscious ached with disbelief

Three...his head pounded from the noise

Four...the cup felt slippery against his palms

Five...the stale cold air felt prickly against his skin

Six ...itchy sensation devoured his neck and arms

Seven...his breath became raspy

Eight...light headedness made him woozy

Nine...sweat packs formed under his arms

Ten...his heart rate kicked into high gear

Eleven...a terrible retch formed in his throat

Twelve...his partner's laughter at his present state of being


A familiar silence settled over the room causing a strange calm to set over Anthony forcing him to open his eyes. A blinding light hit him making it hard to see as he squinting for a better view. As if the Greek gods themselves answered his prayers she stepped into his line of site making life whole again...giving him purpose. She back from the dead. His mouth forming a slight "o" finally was able to whisper what a short while ago had caused him pain, "Amerie."

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