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"I always cared," he whispered as their lips touched.

It felt like his birthday, Christmas, favorite fantasy, and heaven all rolled into one. His mind went blank as she pressed slightly harder against his mouth. Regaining his functions Anthony wrapped his arms around her pulling her close to him. She moaned as he used his tongue to trace her lips in hopes of access. She happily granted him the privilege by parting her lips and meeting his tongue with his own. Their tongues battled with ferocity over control of her mouth...she was losing. Soon Amerie's knees buckled from the intensity of the kiss leaving Anthony's athletically sculpted arms as her only stability. Picking her up effortlessly he put her on the desk without breaking the kiss. She slid her arms up on his shoulders as she lost herself in the kiss.

Both seemed to be hypnotized by the passion and rawness of the moment that the only intensified as Anthony slid his hands up and down Amerie's body. Steady hum was released from her throat as they continued to kiss. Anthony ran his hands up and down her arms sending chills through her spine. Suddenly Amerie broke away from the kiss breathing heavily with a strange look in her eyes. Without so much as a warning Amerie pushed Anthony away giving her room to slide off of his desk. Hastily began to straighten her ruffled suit, patting her hair into place, and wiping around her mouth all the while thanking God that no had walked in on them. Anthony who stood back with a vague look of confusion on his face reached out to touch her only to have his hand swatted away.

"What the matter baby...did I do something wrong?" he asked stepping forward causing her to step back.

"You know what after all these years I never thought of you in any other way but adoration...even after what you did to me. Now I see you are still the immature selfish bastard that broke my heart three years ago!"

"Oh come on Amerie I thought we were past all that bullshit," Anthony snapped but ate his words when he saw the hurt look that swept across her face.

"I didn't know our relationship was bullshit to you Anthony, I thought what we had meant more to me then it did to you obviously...but I never once thought it didn't mean anything to you at all," she voiced shakily but still managing to use her words to rehash old wounds.

"Amerie I have never forgiven myself for what happened to you on that day...I get nightmares constantly about-

"Oh save the sob story Anthony...because I don't believe it was you who was victimized!"

"Well what do you want me to do, I've done all I could to win you back," he pleaded with a desperate look on his face.

"After almost four years I can still smell you in my dreams, you use to fill my heart with so much joy that I was too blind to see your motives! Do you know how dumb I felt when you ignored me, set me aside...I mean my goodness you didn't even have the common decency to look me in the eye! The cold shoulder hurts Anthony...what hurts more is that even after we made love I had to find out through the grapevine! You made a fool of me...why," Amerie said in an unusually garish tone that he had never heard her use.

Anthony stood there unable say a word as every syllable that left her lips delivered blow after blow onto his already bruised psyche. In less than twelve seconds she had made relive that night...the one that killed him. Amerie stood there with her hands on her hips as she stared him down for an answer that had plagued her mind and haunted her steps for four long painful years. Before his brain could conjure even a well worthy argument there was a rapid knock at the door before it swung open. Lacey Smith barged in ready to speak but was side tracked by the couple. Their distance was questionable as she guessed that the pair were only standing some two feet apart. Even though she had entered the room Anthony and Amerie continued to hold each others gazes. Beside the fact that the tension was so thick that it made it hard for her to breathe. She cleared her throat which made the two jump apart and ramble incoherently. Anthony who was now deep red glared daggers at Lacey waiting on a good excuse to why she had barged in on them.

"Smith was there something you needed or do you have some sick fantasy trying to live out," Anthony raged through clenched teeth.

"I'm sorry I didn't know you guys were having a moment," Lacey shot back daringly knowing she was thin ice as it was.

Before Anthony could even utter a syllable Amerie put a calming hand on his shoulder and her other on his forearm. She began to rub in a relaxing motion in an effort to soothe the livid beast within. Lacey was shocked to see that the death like look he had soon disappeared and was replaced with a passion of another kind...peace. What really floored her was the fact that he allowed Agent Woods to touch him and if there was one thing about Anthony he did not like to be touched. Lacey swallowed the growing lump in her throat reminding herself to keep her feelings in check.

"You didn't interrupt anything Lacey I can assure you of that," Amerie said stepping further away from Anthony. She held a confident look on her face but when Lacey locked eyes with the woman she knew her eyes had betrayed her.

"I never said anything about you calling my Lacey...because I believe the name plate on my door says detective Smith...always knew you people couldn't read," Lacey spat as a wounded glance swept across her face then quickly was replaced by a pissed expression.

Before Amerie could even defend herself Anthony made a bee line for Lacey. His furious steps stocked toward her until they were toe to toe in an old western stand off fashion. She began to shrink back when she saw his eyes for his stare she could not hold out of fear. Never had Lacey seen him so violent without him doing anything, she thought he would end her existence. He backed her out of the room into the crowded hallway were he proceed to give her the worst tongue lashing in history.

"Listen you gutless, shit headed, hideous, brainless ditz if you say anything like that again I'll end your pathetic excuse for a life! Matter of fact I'll do you one better if I catch you breathing her air I'll take my 9mm and shove it so far up your ass you'll be able to read the serial number. Don't let me catch you out on the street you worthless shit or I'll beat the hell out of you like the true gutter slut you are! Get the fuck out of here you stupid bitch," Anthony yelled then hulked up a wad of spit that landed on her cheek.

The commotion that once dominated the hallway immediately froze in shock at what had just taken place before their eyes. Lacey whose ego and self worth had completely been shattered spat saliva back at him and stalked down the hall. But to add insult to injury while she was making the most dramatic escape of her career her left heel snapped causing her to stumble.

Not that her humility could sink any lower she held her head high and continued down to her office to lick her wounds. Looking around at all the curious faces Anthony yelled out, "Get your bitch asses back to your cubicles before I make you!" Without skipping a beat the office turned back to its usual hustled pace.

Anthony turns back into his office to see a horrid expression painted on Amerie's face. Knowing he had to repair the damage done he moved slowly toward her only to have her move a step back.

"Amerie-" he began but was cut off by her narrowing eyes.

"I see not much has changed with you Anthony, still a bully," she pointed out in disgust.

"What?" Anthony laughed as if it were a joke.

"This isn't funny Anthony do you know how bad you humiliated her!"

"Whoa, I was defending you here so don't go biting off my head," Anthony mock pleaded with his hands up.

"You spat in her face, but hey I guess that's more than what you did for me four years ago!"

"Oh, please lets not go there Ami," Anthony beseeched taking her hand only to have her snatch it away.

"No lets...you haven't changed one bit Castillo you're still the same self righteous, vindictive, arrogant prick that knocked me up back then and abandoned me when the rest of the cadets found out you were fucking a black girl," Amerie spat venom that made Anthony want to shoot himself...but like any man its always the next words out of his mouth to be the dumbest.

"You know what Ami I was the one to pay for the damn abortion so no one would find out! It's not my fault about what they did to you but hey you're the one who skipped town," his pride shot back before his brain could rescue him.

Behind him he heard a collection of gasp and whispers seeing as his worst fear had just taken place. The whole office had found out one of his best kept secrets and by the end of the day he would be the talk of the building. But what lay in front of him spoke volumes of dread that he had been desperately trying to avoid.

"Your right I did skip town let me reenact it for you," Amerie breathed out calmly then like lightening she backhanded him. His head whipped to the side from the blow. She side stepped him and exited his office as everyone parted the like red sea for her.

Stopping mid step Amerie and without turning around she spoke, "My name is Amerie not Ami...you lost that privilege."

She continued the rest of the way out of the agency down to the basement where her temporary office was stationed. Knowing better than to speak a word, the people in the hallway scattered quickly except for one. Anthony looked up at the lone figure knowing he wasn't going to leave so he beckoned him into the room.

"Anthony...is there ever any drama not going on in your life," a deep voice called out obviously masculine.

"Spider...I love your comedy it's dry and stale...kinda reminds me of your mom's pussy," Anthony shot back as a smirk crept up on the other man's face.

"Only a woman can bring that kind of fire out of a man's heart," Anthony rolled his eyes at the eager but subservient man.

"I'm sure you want to know everything, right," Anthony sighed.

"Not everything just the important stuff."

"Amerie and I got together four years ago one thing led to another and she got pregnant. I paid for her to have an abortion then the next thing I know she's on the first thing smoking out of town."

"Some how there's more to this story than your telling me," Spider said with a light chuckle.

"Like you said you only wanted to know the important stuff," Anthony retorted back smartly.

Anthony watched as the man propped his elbow on other arm so he could stroke his chin. Something on his wrist caught Anthony's attention with further inspection he wondered how Spider could afford such an expensive accessory. Suddenly Anthony got this weird feeling of déjà vu as if he had this conversation before. Knowing what Spider's responds would be he decided to test him.

"Nice watch how much did it set you back?" Anthony asked in a low whistle.

"Nothing just a little thank you from my Alma Malta, you know I did the frat thing for a while," causing Anthony to falter.

"Mm...What school did you graduate from?"

"Princeton...class of '95," he boasted proudly.

"Really then you must have known Amerie then I'll introduce to two of you later," Anthony said as if to almost test him.

"Woods? Of course I knew her who didn't? She was the valedictorian of our class...and the prettiest one," Spider admitted.

"Don't tell me you two have some history too," Anthony seethed allowing his voice to give away his 'I know more than you think' tone.

Spider frowned slightly as if he had forgotten something then looked down at his watch.

"Is there a problem?"

"Uh yeah I was supposed to meet my sister at Red Lobster an hour ago...listen you me and Woods can get together for lunch sometime," he said in a rushed tone as he hurried out the door not looking back.

Anthony did nothing to stop him or further coax the man into a more obvious confession. He wasn't sure yet but Anthony caught his first rat. He had evidence to go off of too and all the while Athena's words danced in his head. "Well I gotta go but please remember that things are different this time around just because you lived it doesn't mean Amerie won't still die."

'If Spider graduated in 95 then that would make him about 36 since he got his masters...Amerie is years younger than me. Plus she got her degree from Spelman but that still doesn't explain how he knew her. I have to keep a close eye on that guy oh well I have three weeks,' Anthony thought as a smiled spread across his face.

"Maybe this déjà vu thing is helpful after all," he whispered as the phone rang...

Spider stomped out into the parking lot knowing that his plans were being flushed down the drain. On the way to his car he spotted on of the local drug dealers that had been taking care of his business and keeping his boss's clients happy. Julian

"Long time no see," Spider called out to the thin man that relaxed on his car.

"Listen...is there somewhere we can go to talk," Julian said speaking in code. Spider nodded curtly signaling for Julian to get in the car.

As soon as they hit the main highway Julian began to speak, "Something went wrong, the informants dead. How'd it go with you?"


"Calm down I cleaned up the mess...no worries," Julian said causally as he cleaned his nails of the dried blood.

"Good...but we have bigger issues I think Castillo's on to us," Julian raised an eyebrow.

"Not an issue, just a road block we have to go around," Julian whispered holding up a picture of Amerie.

'I have been waiting 10 years for this...you'll pay for what you did! You're the reason my family left me,' Julian thought as he ran his tongue over her picture before burning it with his lighter...

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