Agent Valentine

A U.S. agent sat up right. With his back against a white concrete wall. The room was empty except for the speaker

com above the door. Straight infront of the agent. He has short flaxen hair, ocean blue eyes,

muscular body, white skin, he stands at five-feet ten-inches, age 21. "Wake up, agent Jericho Valentine" Ordered the

voice on the speaker com. Jericho slowly opened his eyes. The light blind him for a couple minutes.

When the light no longer hurt his eyes. Jericho looked around to take in his surrounding. How did I get here?

What am I doing here Jericho thought? Jericho did realize that. He was armed with his weapons.

Jericho has a Blacktail 9MM handgun, with a laser light on the bottom of the barrel, tonfa, and a knife that has

projectile blades. His handgun was strapped to his left side. The barrel of the gun was pointing to his backside. His

mags were strapped to his right side. He only had two extra mags. Jericho's knife had ten extra blades. Five were

strapped to his right outer thigh, the other five outer upper left arm. The knife was strapped to his belt on his

backside. Jericho also notice that. He was wearing body armor. That only covered his torso. "Stand up, agent

Valentine" ordered the voice. Jericho looked up to see where the voice was coming from. He saw a small servalance

camera. "Who are you" Jericho asked? As got on his feet. He felt lightheaded. And that he might puke at any

moment. "You have been poisoned agent Valentine" said the voice. completely ignoring Jericho's question. Jericho's

eyes widened when he round out that me was poison. "Who are you" Jericho asked again? "I wouldn't worry who I

am. I'd worry about the poison" said the voice. "Why are you doing this" Jericho asked? "It's a test, agent Valentine"

the voice answered. "What's the test" Jericho asked? "To see if you can. Get the poison out of your body.

In twenty-four hours. The watch on your left hand, it's counting down, when that timer hits zero. You're dead.

The voice answered. "One day. You have to be fucking joking" said Jericho. "No I'm not" the voice replied.

"How the hell am I going to get the poison out in one day" Jericho asked? "You can slow the poison down.

By taking a vaccine. But be careful one of the pills slows the poison. And the other speeds it up" The voice

answered. "All right then. Let me out of this fucking room" Jericho shouted! "As you wish" said the voice. The door

infront of Jericho opened. Outside of the door. Was a white hallway. Thirty feet long. The only door out of the

hallway.Was at the other end. Jericho walked slowly into the hallway. Afraid that someone would kill him. Once he

was in the hallway. Jericho reached with his right hand over to unbuttoned his handgun holster. And drew his gun in

his right hand. And he put his left hand bottom of the mag. Keeping his fore finger on the side of the trigger.

Jericho walked carefully through the hallway. When he got to the other side of the hallway. The door

automatically opened. When Jericho stood infront of it. Jericho put his back. Against the wall to his right. The wall

was cold. Jericho did not want to keep back to the wall any longer then he had to. Jericho fearfully peaked his out

into the next room. He looked to the right, saw nothing. Then to the left, saw nothing. Jericho walked out into the

room. There were three way he could go. One was to his right, second to his left. and finally straight infront of him.

Jericho didn't know which way to go. So he headed straight infront of him. Jericho came upon other door. This time

he needed a code to get in the next room. Jericho just shook his head. Then turned and walked back into the

intersection. Two ways to go. Left or right. He decided to go to the right. His gun still in hand. He walked over

to the door with his back against the wall. Jericho opened the door the caution. The room was dark, he couldn't

see anything. Jericho put his gun in his left hand, he used his right hand to feel for a light switch. His hand

hit something that was the light switch. He switch his gun back to his right hand. Jericho went over to the first desk

he found and look through all the doors. He found no code or vaccine. He walked over to the next desk, he looked

through it still he found nothing. He was getting pissed off, that he punched the desk. splitting the skin on left hand.

Who could have done this? Am I a P.O.W Jericho thought? He didn't want to think about it any longer.

He looked in the last couple desks and found nothing. He realized that there was another room that he could check

out. He walked out of the room. He didn't even bother to turn off the light. Right before he got to the other door.

He started coughing up blood. He knew it was the poison. But he hadn't found the vaccine yet, even if he did how

would he know if it was the right one. When he was done coughing, he spit the rest of the blood that was in his

mouth on the floor. He opened the door and did the same thing that did in the other room trying to find the light

switch. But there was none, so he walked into the dark room with care. Not knowing if it was a trap. He hit his

leg on something. But he wasn't sure what because it was dark. Suddenly the lights turned on. He raised his gun

into the air ready to fire at something. But there was no one there. He started searching the desks, he found nothing.

Finally he came across a paper that had the numbers 24639. "This must be the code for the door" Jericho said

loudly. He turned around and walked back to the door that was locked. To the right of the door there was a

panel where he could put in the code. He put the code into the device. On the little screen said. Access granted.

The door opened, he walked into the room. It was dark., no light switch that he could tell. "come in, agent Valentine"

said someone.