"Is that all right?" Mel asked, holding the dildo steady between her and Steph's legs. The tip was pressed hard against Steph, making her mad with arousal. Mel moved, feeling awkward and a little bit silly, which caused the heavily lubricated shaft of the prosthetic penis to slide upwards and rub against Steph's clitoris.

"Oh, God!" Steph yelped, arching upwards instinctively, her fingers tightening their grip around Mel's thighs. "Please, now..."

Mel thrust harder, then pulled out almost completely before filling Steph again. It felt strangely empowering, moving against her like that, hearing Steph's moans fill her ears, which turned into shrieks as she neared orgasm.

A cry escaped her throat, one that was quickly swallowed by Mel's tongue in her mouth, and her toes curled as she slowly thrust out the last of the aftershocks.