-Footsteps in the Sand-

Do you remember?
The little trails that ran into the sand,
Into the sea, into the sun.
That came and went with the waves.
The breeze that blew from out there,
From beyond the horizon,
Where dreams are born,
Where dreams forever lead us.
Did you want to follow them?
The birds, so free, so high,
That rode the cool winds
Out into that azure eternity.
The clouds, so soft, so pure,
That drifted slowly across the sky,
That played with the sun
And dove into the distance.
I can see it still,
The sun that dipped into the waters,
And died in one last burst of life,
So blindingly beautiful.
That gave birth to the stars
And the pale, white moon,
That burned in its stead.
That glimmered in the rippling waters
That washed away our footsteps.