- E x t i n c t i o n -

By Bob Evans

"During some of the intense heights of the Cold War, mankind was under great fear that the whole of humanity could be ended in a bang. But politics has changed. Countries can still produce weapons of mass destruction, but they are frowned upon; even our own nation is limiting its number of warheads. But humanity no longer fears total annihilation. In our modern world we have the freedom to fear a variety of trivial things that are constantly blown out of proportion. But this is a luxury we can afford. Knowing politics, change will come again sooner or later. That is a guarantee. However, there are far worse horrors than total destruction by fire and brimstone. There are unspeakable horrors that await their creator's call to action. And the worst part of it is, we didn't create them.

Perhaps this is an old idea, and I'm sure it may even be considered cliché. But every once in a while someone comes along and sees such an idea in another angle of light. This is what I saw." –Bob Evans


On August 5th, 2008, the United States was deliberately attacked by an unknown enemy, when a series of bio-hazardous canisters were detonated around Dallas, Texas. The deadly disease was unlike that of anything ever before seen; a new pathogen bioengineered by very advance technology. The death toll stood at just over two million, and resulted in the complete evacuation of the surrounding area. Clean up teams responded quickly, and were lucky enough to contain the breakout. However, no known defense could be found for this new disease. Eventually the entire city was gassed in an effort to effectively destroy any surviving bacteria samples. Thus, Dallas was to be the first of many cities permanently closed off to the public due to biological warfare.

America dug deeply, and after gathering two years worth of intelligence data, uncovered those responsible for the attack. Apparently China had sold biological fabrication technology to various Middle-Eastern countries, in the promise that they would be used directly against a U.S. city. Iran was the first to make use of this new weapon, and fulfilled their promise to the Chinese. The equipment was smuggled over the Mexican-border through several briberies and careful infiltration. Upon making this startling discovery, the United States declared war on China and Iran.

No sooner had the official declaration been made, Iran turned on China. Using a variety of long-range missiles, they struck several highly populated Chinese cities with a strong dose of the same pathogen released over Dallas. China responded by use of their own biological weapons, and one nuclear warhead. In less than a week the two countries were on the verge of collapse, but China managed to survive after making a quick surrender to America—who up to this point had simply stood back and watched. Most of the surviving Iranians evacuated to their neighboring nations, and the country was officially declared a hazardous wasteland.

China was held responsible for crimes of war, selling materials that were used in deliberate attacks against unarmed civilians and the use of biological and nuclear weapons. While China tried to recover from this surprising turn of events, anger was stirred up in the Middle-East for the destruction caused to Iran. A few of them still possessed the technology sold by China, and collaborated together in a joint plan formally known as "The Holy Alliance of the Middle East".

On July 21st, 2016—almost eight years after the first attack on America—a massive biological onslaught was released across the planet contaminating several major cities in Europe, two in America, one in Japan, and various cities across China. Europe suffered the most, but the mode of contamination was sloppy, and the death toll was much lower than first predicted. Almost every bio-bomb in China was contained before serious contamination was spread, and one of the bombs in America never even detonated. The Holy Alliance of the Middle East had pre-prepared a victory messages to be broadcast world-wide, taking credit for the attacks. Even after their ineffective operation, the message was still broadcasted for everyone to see.

What happened next was swift and deadly; American and European forces swept down and immediately took control of the various governments. Using precision attacks and superior military technology, Saudi Arabia was captured first, and the base of operations for biological attacks destroyed. After this two things happened; Asian and Russian forces joined in the battle field, and the other Middle-Eastern nations panicked. Using what quantities of their Bio-weapons they had left, they released it on the approaching armies, wiping out most ground troops.

At this point America was outraged, and the death of their troops through in-humane means didn't help matters. Unable to move ground forces in through the now contaminated battlefield, Russia and several other Asian nations released their own biological weapons, effectively wiping out the eastern half of the Middle-East. With few choices left, America finally followed suit, and used their own bio-weapons against the west half of the Middle-East. By the end of the month, the Middle-East was a casualty of war.

After the war ended it became apparent that biological warfare was about to become more prominent across the world, both in defense and offense. Too many nations possessed the technology, and the previous circumstances proved that there would be no hesitation to use these weapons if the time came. It was like a second Cold War had been started; one that used bacteria instead of nuclear weapons. The race was on to develop more and more powerful bio-agents, but to also be prepared in the defense of enemy bio-agents. The UN was in a conundrum from such events, but could do little or nothing to prevent events from continuing to transpire. A new age had dawned.

In an effort to defend against and protect national security, the United States unleashed the new agency; Protocol-Epsilon. It consisted of two groups; the Base of Operations Command, and the Field Agents. The Base of Operations usually consisted of about ten to twenty people, with one person being in charge of command and handling the agents out in the field. The Field Agents were an elite group of soldiers that wore advanced environment/battle armor. Their main purpose was to operate as an elite team that moved into "hot-zones", and neutralized any threats; both biological and enemy. While the team had to be experienced in weapons combat and have formal training, there was also the need for some technology skills. The various situations called for understandings in computer skills, communications technology, fundamental knowledge of biological hazards and proper handling thereof. Only the best for the job were chosen, and soon they were needed.

By the end of 2020, Protocol-Epsilon had been involved in eight incidents—one of which failed—all completely classified and carefully covered up. The details of the failed one were kept sketchy, but what little was known about it to the public was that an Egyptian Biological Defense Facility had a sever leak, which resulted in minor contamination and all those involved died (Epsilon Team was not mentioned in the report). With this failure, the command and team went through a radical replacement, and new people were put in charge and on the team.

The new team consisted of five experienced combat soldiers, some of which had Navy SEAL experience. These new five replacements had worked together for years, and were obvious choices for the position. After being put in they instantly excelled on their first mission, and proved their worth to Protocol-Epsilon. In the face of some of the worst horrors imaginable, they showed their strength.

But would it be enough?

Would it be enough to combat true fear; a true enemy; a true force unlike anything a dying world had ever seen before…?