"My thoughts exactly. And it was those two clowns that managed to discover this first?"

"Those two clowns also managed to keep it secret for all this time, too. They stumbled onto it, and they kept it well hidden."

"I would've preferred someone less...independent. Linhart's the type who not only get their hands dirty, but feels bad about it too."

"Linhart? The Quinn Linhart feeling guilt? I think you've spent a little too much time around your bio-dumps."

"Either way, he'll have to be locked away."

"You're thinking prison?"

"No. Technically he didn't do anything illegal."

"He lied to a Special Forces team."

"Screw them. They're about to receive a boat load of funding for compensation anyway. No, Linhart will have to wait for now. Let the DBA give him a trial, and even put him in prison for a year or two; then we'll see about getting him somewhere more secure."

"And what about this Charles Brennan?"

"He should never have been involved in the first place. Make him disappear."

"So is that a death order?"

"No...keep him alive. I think he'll be quite useful later."

"Still, this shit is amazing stuff."

"No doubt. This by-product bio-weaponry has an interesting twist to it. I really want to see where it goes."

"So what are the official orders?"

"Contact Dixon Base, and start raising their funding. As soon as the place is ready, Project Extinction is a go."