A/N: This is abot a friend of mine in the Ukraine --I miss them a lot!

A World Away...

Lyrical beats pumping to the music as the world disappears.

Just me and my music --not shrouded through a veil of tears.

Happy once again, yet still I'm missing you..

How could this be when the times we had together were so few?

Thinking of you and wondering...

Do you think of me?

Then I realize this is a selfish thought,

For how could you ever be


I tell myself I'm not

I simply couldn't be

In love with someone

Who lives in a foreign country

So then I think I'm crazy

Cause nothing could become

Of me and you, really...

Just memories and some

Laughter when I think

Of me and you -the 'Us'

With time-zones and oceans between

And a language difference that's a must

When it comes to self-expression

With letters and e-mails to write

I didn't even get your address -

And now I fear I might

Regret not asking you earlier,

But I guess it'll work out alright,

Cause for me it's early morning,

And for you, its the middle of night.