numb to the touch

i'm burning all the photographs and trying to rid the
memories that plague my every thought. no matter
how much they meant to me, they never meant a
thing to you — you proved that by never saying a
word to me when i need(ed) you the most. and this
may be unsuspecting but darling, this is nothing
compared to what i have already done for you.

because i gave you blood but it never seem(ed) to
be enough to get you to see the pain and the hurt.
i have the scars to show if you want to see (or are
you too scared to face the facts?). and i poured out
my despair to people that i barely know. everything
i've done is nothing but a regurgitated mess among
the masses of people who suffer(ed) just like me.

there are no more words to describe the pain and
i'm only left to repeat the same things that i have
already said before. but maybe if i say it enough,
i'll finally be over this and be over you. (although,
i've told myself that before and look where i am.)
and everything i write are the words that i could
never say to you (and even with real words, you
give nothing but silence in return). and would it
hurt you to even pretend that you care(d)? or is it
too much pain to act upon the words that i say?
(i guess it means that this hurt(s) both of us.)

and i have been numb for one week now.