Why I Have No Life

Cold bites

Toes hurt

Knees shaking

Body tensed

I lace up my skates

The cold bites my skin

My toes are in pain

I shove my feet in

I take off my sweater

I know I'll do fine

I wish I could practice

Just a few more times

My group is announced

I go out to warm up

My body is numb

But I smile and look up

I practice my axel

Then move on to the double

My legs know what to do

I have no trouble

The buzzer sounds

My heart jumps into my throat

I skate off the ice

I put on my coat

First one skater goes

Then another is called

More skaters go

One of them falls

Finally it's my turn

My heart starts to beat

Faster it goes

In pace with my feet

I stand in the middle

Of the bright white rink

My eyes start to water

And I'm forced to blink

The music starts

I skate along

My legs start to tire

It's a fast song

I hit my first jump

I fly through the air

The landing is soft

I forget all my cares

This is what I do

This is who I am

I am a figure skater

That's all that I am