this is also an rp-involved drabble. the death of a character i used for about 2 months. his death wasn't actually this long, i've made it longer but it's still really a oneshot. if you've read either Dune/WoT you should be able to see inspirations, but this is NOT ffic.

His eyes are a a perfect combination of blue and red. The perfect contrast. Blue-grey eyes blood shot until the eyes seem yellow from a distance. Swirls of purple and navy are painted above his cheekbones by fatigue and ill health. His cheeks themselves are hollow, sunken as if food had not passed his lips in quite some time. His auburn hair lays lank and greasy on his forehead, unwashed and unkempt. His skin pales with every breath until a smattering of freckles appears as a light drusy across his nose, cheeks, forehead and lips.

Dry, and cracked, bleeding so that the blood stains his teeth. His tongue rolls across his lips in a desperate attempt to prevent hoarse cries of thirst from crossing.

He is lost, stranded in the desert by those who own this sand. A gaping wound his eyes ignore stings at his side and he can feel sticky blood drip gently to the ground no matter how hard he tries to ignore it.

He is just beginning to realize that no one will find him here.

His fingers scrabble over the ground, plucking at rocks. The sun is rising; its heat warms his body. His eyes close, his breathing quickens, hands scramble faster, legs start twitching.

His body shakes with the cold convulsions of death.

He dies alone with the birth of the day.

A hawk flying high above senses the moisture left in his body and glides down to rest on what was the young man.

There is no circle and it is complete.