Feeling the part that is lost Judgement cries out in agony, the sound resounds off the street as if mocking the being that it fears. Elisha hugs tighter, she presses him close and she moves her mouth to his ear.

"Remember," she says, yet no air escapes from her mouth, no warmth in her breath. "Remember love, don't become what you hate. Judgement must allow mercy, give mercy unlike you did to me."

Flashes of recollection stir in the collective soul of Judgement, blood everywhere like crimson waterfalls staining the letter opener in the hand of a young knight named Mathias. Mathias sees what he has done, and he cries, tears streaming down his face pushing off the sticky mass of his lover's blood. He takes the letter opener and plunges it into his own chest, twisting it deeper, pushing it deeper. His blood flows from the vicious chest wound, yet he does not die. The letter opener in his chest breaks, and he pulls the remaining fragment out, yet he still does not die. He cannot judge himself, no matter how he tries, yet he feels it soon. His right eye begs his body to pluck it out, "if your eye causes you to lust pluck it out" his hands whisper up his nerves to his brain, and he does so. The fragment of the letter opener is plunged into the milky white sphere of his eye penetrating it and causing blood to leak out, like a mockery of the act he committed the night before.

"Why Elisha, why must I remember these things?" The dual natured tower of pain and numbness that is Judgement cries, a broken panther falling in the arms of an illusion. Scars of years, memories of years all held in the arms of a wraith under a street light in the cess-pool of down-town Canary City. The wraith again pulls herself closer to the ear of the panther, her soft lips, cold lips kiss his cheek.

"Judgement you are a creature of madness damned to repeat the same mistakes over and over again, the gods pity you yet they see hope for you. Remember you are still as much man as monster." Then she is gone, flown away on dreams and memories of the night, Judgement stands alone the dysfunctional martyr under the street light.

Judgement knows in his heart that she is wrong, that her appeals to the insignificant soul of her lover mean nothing to the cold logic of the universe, yet he says nothing he is not one for drama. In the silence though, in the silence he knows he is more monster than man.

Judgement continues on his journey to the train station, trying to regain equilibrium in his reeling thoughts yet he has no such luck. A few steps, a few more unheard echoes he passes under another street light and another memory passes through him, this memory more recent yet less powerful, but clearer oh so much clearer.

Judgement remembers a man that he had passed punishment on, he was the father of a girl a beautiful young flower. The girl had been full of life and laughter, she had been full of songs and imaginary friends, she had only been ten years old when her father had first laid his hands on her, twelve when he had first raped her. Judgement was happy that the universe had placed the mark of the Judge on this man for God did not like to see his children suffer. It had been a warm muggy night when judgment had been passed; the sweet little girl who had been named Amelia was hiding in the closet from her drunken father a monster named Jeffy. Jeffy the monster charging through his un-air-conditioned house in a stupor of liquor and rage, Jeffy had started out as a human he had his insecurities. Jeffy had been molested as a child, Jeffy hadn't made good grades, Jeffy was poor, Jeffy couldn't pay the taxes, Jeffy had insecurities about his penis size he felt that was the reason his wife had left him. Yet such problems were no excuses even a victim can become a monster and so Jeffy had done so on his own free will. And Jeffy chasing after his daughter in the hall of his apartment, puddles of sweat forming under his arm pits, his erection pressing against the inside of his jeans stopped for a moment and all of time had stood still. Just for a moment he thought he had heard a sound, and he had the right hand of the Judge fell on his shoulder from behind him. A voice deep, hollow, and smooth like gunpowder had vibrated into the air shocking Jeffy's mind that was bent on molesting children, "Before they lay down, themen of the city, the men of Sodom, surrounded the house, both young and old, all the people from every quarter; and they called to Lot and said to him, 'Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us that we may have intercourse with them.' But Lot went out to them at the doorway, and shut the door behind him, and said, 'Please, my brothers, do not act wickedly. Now behold, I have two daughters who have not had relations with a man; please let me bring them out to you, and do to them whatever you like...'" Said the voice like gunpowder, the voice of the judge, and Jeffy turned to face Judgement not knowing what monster was behind him.

"You have the mark of the Judge you sick bastard." Judgement had said his voice hollow yet melodic, and then he had struck Jeffy in the face with a back hand that had sent Jeffy to the floor. "You prey upon your own flesh in blood that is a crime sicker than any other. You have defiled the innocence of youth, you have raped, you have abused. Yet fear not I am absolution." He had then approached Jeffy and stomped upon his erection, the boot of Judgement ramming firmly into the crouch of the destroyer. Pain had shot through Jeffy like a fire in his stomach, but Judgement had no mercy for him. Judgement had kicked him in the crotch again with enough force to rupture a testicle sending a jet of blood into Jeffy's pants. And again the other testicle rupturing with a pop and again still the screams of Jeffy not reaching the cold heart of Judgement. No in fact Judgement grinned a feral toothy grin at Jeffy's cries. After Jeffy had passed out, bleeding to death in his hall Judgement had ceased, "You have been judged." He had said, with particular satisfaction.