In god we trust

Maybe we trust too much

Our new leader

Brings our world to order

Stop the terror

Stop the zealots

The enemy is evil

Arabian devils

They hate America, they hate god

They hate our great leader

Side with us, support us

Die for us

We want martyrs, we need martyrs

Die for the rich

While fighting the poor

Martyrs kill martyrs

The rich get richer, the poor get poorer

Politicians play with our minds

Manipulate us

Die for money

Die for the great green god

Why don't they fight?

Why don't our leaders fight?

Why doesn't our great leader realize?

People are dieing

People are dieing!!


War on terror?

War for oil? War for money?

War for population control?

In god we trust?

We trust far too much

Our leader fools us, our leader controls us

Promote this perverse patriotism

Promote all this racism

Brainwash us with animosity

The media divides us

The military unites us

We go off to fight

Our enemy

The rag heads who

Are going off to fight

Why do we fight

Because a big man with money

tells us to

We trust far too much