The Mother and Father

of the world

In a binding love so sweet.

Promises and kisses stolen

an enchantment so sweet,

that the children of the world

knew prosperous days.

Until one day,

Mother was tricked

into the greedy hands

of a mortal man.

Wishing to control and posses

her beautiful flesh.

Failed once,

to capture her heart.

Trickery needed to

fool the Mother,

so deeply in love with

The Father.

Now she lay

in drugged sleep,

believing that the man above her

was her lover.

A forbidden bond

consummated by force.

Her heart had barely wept

before the Father

came before her.

His Judgment rash and cruel,

she pleaded her innocence

but it fell to deaf ears.

With a heavy heart,

the Mother of the world

was forsaken from the Father's

dear heart,

and cursed to love only him

but be tempted by forbidden fruits.

The children of her sin

were born from her womb

by that mortal man,

all cursed like the Mother.

Tormented daily

by their lust,

and desire to go down the path

of virtue.

The fallen children of the Mother

of the world,

cry out to be freed,

and curse their mortal father

for letting this come to pass.

They weep with their Mother,

desiring the acceptance

of the Father.

"Please take us back,

into your heart!" they cry.

But the Father

turns his head away,

but his heart cries out

to hold them in his arms.

But he holds the pain

of a man dishonored;


Even in gods,

a man's honor is unforgiving.

Dear sweet Mother of the world

has been fooled,

scorned by her love

and cursed.

The first children of sin,

must suffer the burden

of the punishment

of the crime not theirs

beheld in the beginning.

Dear judging Father of the world,

We pray to you,

take us back,

into your graces.