And Now, He'll Never Know


And now, he'll never know that…

His hugs are like an eternal flame so bright

Deep within my forlorn and poignant soul

His touch is the only one that calms me

When he holds my hand soothingly so


And now, he'll never know that…

His scent and aura that makes him who he is—

Is so comforting beyond reasonable compare

His soft and warm rubs upon my arm and back

When I am saddened, warms my heart and soul


And now, he'll never know that…

No one else but he will ever make me feel this way

The feeling of being whole; being safe and protected

But how can I learn to accept the love he offered so

When all I've ever known have been pain and sorrow?


Yet to turn and walk away from the first thing—

The first thing that has given me such hope and light

That I can improve my sad and lonesome life

The one to show me how loving someone should be

Would be the worst mistake I could ever make


If I should be forced to make that fault

To save him a future of happiness with another

I shall not hesitate to stand down; disregard myself

And secretly watch from afar—if only to see him happy

Then I can only say that I am terribly sorry.