The Color of Flame

By Gray Davidson

And the first greedy man said to his concubine "all this garden shall be yours if you do not ask to know more than I tell you."

And the Concubine, stunningly beautiful, and wearing her wet hair like a crown, said "You are too late, my true lover has already visited me in this garden, and taught me of things that even you do not know."

The first greedy man became angry at this, to think that he must share his concubine with an unknown man, and he killed her. She died, but when he turned away, she melted into one of the flowers of a nearby bush, and turned it to the colors of flame. Thus it was that when the first greedy man turned his head again, he thought to himself "What a beautiful garden I have. Such a garden should be enjoyed by a beautiful woman, and I in turn should enjoy her."

And the first greedy man walked from his concubine' garden, to his pillared house, and did not notice the thousands of flowers, blooming in the colors of flame, that brushed his arms and legs on the path.