Dulcis Amor

O, fairest shepherd of the fields,
Listen to this fairy song upon my lyre.
Nothing for you doth my heart yield;
Neither dost my dancing heart tire.
Hearken, O youth, to my fairy song,
Be thou entranced in my lyric lulling
And know where thy heart doth belong.
Divorced from pain, sleep be annulling
Sleep, O, sweet, and feel pain no more.
Pity falls on thy blanched, heartbroken brow,
And thus I crown you in woodland flowers.
Come, behold the ways I see thy artistry now,
Comatose securely in these elfin, silver bowers.
O, beloved, be thou sleepy in my arms,
Surrender thou thy mind to magic forest-lore
Be thou ecstatic in my song's mystic charms.
Awake, my love, from unhappy life,
And live at last in gentle dreams, in sleep.
Rest at last with me, thy maiden wife,
Until thou dost at last awake from dreams so deep.
Thy weary eyes shall open to attend to thy humble work
And sadly forget those blissful dreams so far from life.
I let thee go from tender sleep, though my song doth lurk
Close to thy heart so secretly, it cuts thee like a knife.
Thine eyes tenderly light with sorrow sure and longing great,
So shall I visit again tonight with dulcet lullabies.
My heart is perpetually broken by this miserable Fate,
To heal thee secretly by night, then have thee wake and see thee die.