Why Do You Love Me?

I'm such an idiot.

I'm such a fool.

To think I could make it better,

Is a criminal's empty tool.

You told me not to do it,

But I thought I was doing right.

I thought it was what you wanted.

I did not stop and think twice.

It hurt you so bad,

What I did, instantly.
It made you mad.

You blew out steam.

I have tried for so long

To make things right with us.

But no matter what I do

I'm left with empty trust.

I have so many problems.

I can't even name all of them.

And when I'm with you,

They become vivid and an even trend.

I don't know why you love me,

As much as you do and how wide.

I don't know why you chose me,

To be the one at your side.

I'm no good can't you see.

I just can't be right.

I know mistakes happen.

But not all day and night.

To me they do, however.

And no matter what I say.

They'll keep on happening.

Tomorrow, Yesterday, Today.

I love you so much,

And I know it doesn't seem,

But I do…I really do,

I should just let you free.

Would it better if you were without me there?

If all your problems didn't come from my stare?

I know you say it wouldn't…in your poems all the time.

But I have to wonder silently, is it a backwards rhyme?

Is what you really want, not what you say?

I feel like I'm ruining your beautiful ways,

All I've got is me, and I want you oh so bad.

My biggest fear in the world is to see you leave my land.

I don't know how you can want me,

As much as you possibly do.

You save me nearly every time,

Why do you save me? Why you?

I wish I didn't mess up

Especially with you,

But if your future is crashing with me,

Should you say adieu?