Welcome to the place where Science meets Faith

Two opposite worlds collide, people say

Some believe in one, yet others in both

Still a few choose to follow none at all.

Science is fact, as the experts agree

Carefully examining evidence

Comparing it to what they know as Truth

Some don't realise Truth isn't as it seems.

Religion is myth, some people claim

They don't believe in the essence of life

Look at the Bible; tell me what it says

About life and what happens after death.

Soldiers on both sides prepare for battle

That may decide the future of the war

It's about Science versus Religion

And who will win this alleged debate.

Words fly back and forth between the experts

No one will agree with anyone else.

These questions plague all of humanity

Yet nobody seems to have the answers.

A man walks into the excited room

Fighting stops and all turn to look at him.

He is a rare specimen, a half-breed

Who believes in both Science and Faith.

He speaks and the experts choose to listen

The half-breed commands their attention

The entire room is almost silent

Nobody chooses to fight anymore.

As faithful as a black-robed preacher, yet

A brilliant scientific expert

He appeals to both sides of the debate

Saying Science and Faith can co-exist.

The experts like him, but this baffles them

How can Science and Faith reconcile?

Their differences drive them further apart

With each passing day people don't believe.

Some choose to keep them very separate

Others believe in one of the two.

A few peculiar folks decide that

The differences can be reconciled.

Welcome to the place where Science meets Faith

And two extremely different worlds collide

Which are you? What will you choose to believe?

That choice is completely yours to make.

Whatever you choose, remember that you

Should really commit to what you decide

If you please, I'd like to invite you to

The wonderful place where Science meets Faith.