The people are gone; your friends aren't there

No one exists, but do you care?

People don't understand- they can't see

What you desperately try to hide from me.

You can let your secrets be kept

But sometimes those needs of yours must be met

By others who care for you

Just as much or more than I do.

Don't hide in the dark or play these games

You used to be open- now you're not the same.

Thinking you can fool your closest friends,

But you must be kidding; this has got to end.

Those feelings of darkness show deep in your eyes.

And then, you don't even bother to try

To let that natural light of yours shine though

Dear friend, what is bothering you?

Despair, hurt, guilt and shame

All your faults are bound to your name

Or so says that voice which whispers in your ears

Then broadcasts your thoughts for all to hear.

Please don't hide and don't run away

But rather, listen to what I have to say.

This isn't all fluff- and nor is it lore

This is wisdom and it means a lot more.

Perhaps you will listen and perhaps not

But this madness really must stop

Find a confident or trust in a friend

But these petty games must come to an end.

Here are some last words to you

I really hope you heed them and follow through

Listen to your heart but think with your mind

Keep your soul open to the treasures you may find.

Cry on my shoulder, or if I'm not there

Feel free to call and you know that I care

Please understand I want to see you though

Dear friend of mine, what is bothering you?