Voices argue inside my pathetic little head

Telling me I can't do this or that or anything.

Frustrated, I yell at them loudly to stop.

But they don't listen; they pretend I'm dead.

These voices choose to stick to their fight.

Something inside me wants to give up

Yet, there is a stubbornness that won't let me

Fail, run away, flee from their plight.

I feel a gentle tap on my bare arm

And slowly, cautiously I turn to glance

Finding myself close and face to face

With a stranger who hopefully means no harm.

He seems to be quite a well-meaning fellow

Who simply wants to talk for a moment

His easy-going mannerisms and ways

Make him seem rather quite mellow.

"This has got to stop, my lad,"

His sharp voice commands

The very full of my attention

"Or it might as well drive you mad."

I stare at him, and he briefly at me

As my thoughts try to focus

On what this stranger means

As he and I are from different realities.

My stare is blank, while his are keen

My own dark eyes are doubtful

Of his seemingly truthful ones

And what exactly they could mean.

"Son of mine, do you know who I am?"

He asked me in a tone that made my knees shake.

I replied with a "no", then saw him smile

And answer, "I created you- that's who I AM."

It was then that I realized

My life had just been saved

By this compassionate fellow

Who doesn't seem surprised.

To my amazement, he's back doing his duties

Chasing away all of those nasty voices

And putting silence on them forever

Punishing them eternally for their mutinies.

He gives me a hug, and I start to cry.

Wrapped up in his loving mercy and grace,

It's more than I ask for and I don't deserve.

I should get death- and want to know why.

"My son," he whispers in my ear.

With one gentle hand, he beckons me forth.

I sit on the ground, as he says to me,

"The story I'm telling is one you must hear."

So that day I recieved a lesson in history:

How sin was introduced to humans

But a death on the cross worked it all out

And how the heavens declare this newfound glory.

From that day on, I swore to tell

My story of meeting this once strange fellow

And how this encounter, it changed my life

And mostly, things have worked out well.

So now you're the ones I'm telling this to.

Look for his mercy, his compassion and love.

You're now the ones with a choice to make:

Will you accept or reject what He's offering you?