Welcome to the drug trip that is high school relationships. I am your humble narrator; my name is irrelevant because I am omnipresent. I know everything and everyone. Before I begin this crazy tale I must warn that those frail of heart and mind may not survive this adventure, pregnant women are advised to skip this entirely. Ready? Let's go.

High school. The golden years for every American citizen under the age of seventy or dead, hopefully dead people don't go to high school. The particular high school in this story is George Davies high. Who is George Davies? I have no clue, which is saying something. It is located in a large city in a small state, another pointless dot on a map. The middle of nowhere. Whatever.

The social structure and layout of the school is quite interesting. The lesser jocks, that is, people on the tennis and hockey team or any other sport that isn't basketball or football, hang out in front of the school. The important jocks hang out in the parking lot; they may or may not be approached by the greater preps; lesser preps hang out in the student lounge found on the second floor. Why we have greater and lesser preps is odd, they're all preppy to me.

Now let's move on to the less popular social groups. Goths hang out in the middle courtyard underneath a large tree. Punks hang out in the rear courtyard near the back of the school. They don't cross into the Goths' territory. Band geeks hang out in the band room of course. Anime geeks, nerds, and dweebs are spread out between the library, computer labs, and the student lounge on the first floor. Stoners, boozers, and other drug addicts stay behind the gym. In-betweeners like me hang out wherever, except the third floor. Before and after school the third floor is the stomping ground of several gangs. The most popular of which is the Purple Pandas, silly name but anyway they wear purple hoodies with giant pandas embroidered on the back. They're quite nice actually, I want one but I'd probably get shot by the Blue Barracudas. Basically you can tell where you are in this massive school by the people you see. Jock, preps, lesser preps, Goths, punks, geeks, and so on and so forth. Get it? Got it? Good. This situation only lasts until the bell rings, of course, but the seating arrangements during lunch are more complicated. I'll explain that later.

Anyway back to the story. See that girl over there? The one with a pseudo-punk look going on? That's Braelyn, she is one cool chick. I guess you can call her good looking, she has dark hair right now; I don't remember her natural color, and these odd bluish-brownish eyes. They're not quite hazel but they're not just blue or brown. It's weird. Moving on, she is mostly classified as a punk but her brother is a greater jock and her best friend is a prep, so she fits in almost everywhere. The black-haired girl walking next to her is her best friend Meadow. She has this cool honey and caramel wrapped in milk chocolate skin tone going on and amazing light brown eyes. If I was a guy I'd do her, oops, I just told too much about myself, ignore that. Like I said before she is a prep and is on the student council for the junior class. She has an older brother that graduated a couple of years ago; he was a god around here, but that's beside the point. As far as I know they've been friends ever since Braelyn punched a boy in their first grade class for stealing Meadow's pop-tart. Bondage over pop-tarts, who knew? Seeing them now, the punk and the prep, walking toward the school with defiant looks on their faces is pretty amazing. Nobody messes with them. Braelyn has her punk friends and Meadow her prep friends but they'd probably drop them in a second if they even mentioned that they shouldn't hang out. Basically, Braelyn and Meadow are the queen bees of the junior class. Ignoring catcalls and whistles from the jocks they continue their way into the school, but not before Braelyn shot a smothering look at her brother.

Oh yeah, I forgot to describe her brother, Ash. Don't tell anyone but his name is really Ashley; their mom is in love with the book Gone with the Wind, haha. He is a senior and the captain of the football team; I heard that he got a lot of scholarships to Ivy League schools. He has reddish-brown hair and green eyes. He totally doesn't look like his sister, makes me wonder about their parents. Right now he is leaning against his car talking to his best friend Chris. Chris is also a senior and the football team's kicker, he plays soccer too. Chris is a "hottie" with tan skin, black hair and yellow eyes. Seriously, his eyes are yellow but up close they have tints of brown and green. He would definitely look good in girl pants and black vintage band t-shirts. I'm just saying. He's even been, unsuccessfully, recruited by a rock band looking for a front man. Together Ash and Chris have made many girls swoon and fall into blathering states. A girl who can talk to them, actually look them in the face and pronounce a sentence without breaking into gibberish is an admirable individual. I think even some guys have crushes on them, but that's just gross. They will have a major role in this story; I mean it wouldn't be good without any boy-candy.

When am I getting on with the story? Hold your horses; this is my first job as a narrator and this isn't an easy story to tell, I don't even know how it ends yet even though I know everything. I will promise that there will be a lot of heartache, laughter, and tears, just wait you'll see. Maybe not that tear part, I'll leave that in anyway. Braelyn, Meadow, Ash, and Chris are four people who have roller coaster lives in a roller coaster school. Hmm, I don't like that sentence, oh well. Man this is tough, having to describe these people down to their physical and mental states. Stupid narration job, I probably won't even have much screen time in the future, not that this is a movie or anything. I'm babbling too much, sit back and enjoy the ride.