you made your mistakes and I made mine, but
my main mistake was you. unlike the cat my curiosity
did not kill me, but it made me live in fear of the pain
chance could give.

& I loved your poison because to me it was like
chocolate. rich and full,
it had been a while since life had been this
nausiatingly sweet.
and that's how i knew it was all a dream.

you longed for the sensation of winning &
i longed for the pain you could give to me.
i had once upon a time in my eyes and you
the end. It seems like yesterday when
finality was this simple, but nothing burns like


A/N: Thank -insert diety here- that the week from hell is over. I don't know what this is. I'll probably hate it tomorrow. Tell me what you think.

Oh, and BH was going to be updated, but then the week from hell happened. I'll try this week, but I have an audition Sat. so who knows...