These words lied inside of me for too long. Let me tell you who you've become, little one. You're the fucking mistress, in her dinky little white dress that thinks everything is dandy as long as they're the center of attention. A blood sucking bat, flapping your wings through the starless night, sucking the life out of everybody, although your black face blends with the night sky and we can't realize it. You dont understand what you do. It's about time you knew, little girl. You cheat, you lie, you steal. You rob friendships, and you rob love. You have a problem that I'm pretty sure even Doctor Phil can't recongize. It's distgusting, it's disturbing, it's repulsive. The way your decieving words wrap around our ears saying that you love us... when in reality, you do nothing but take the only thing we have, all for yourself. You do not know love. You're so self centered, so self absorbed. All you ever can think about, understand, comprehend; is what you want. Your desires come before anything, even this God you recall to believe in; I'm sick of it. I wont back down into your traps, I wont believe your lies. When you whistper in my ear that you'll always love me, I'll slap away the ghosts that you send to swirl around my eyes and I'll fight you down. I'll be the only one with a sword intact and a shield to cover myself from your blood-stained fangs. I wont let you take them away from me. I dont care what you love, what you want, what you dont have. You wont rip all that I have away from me because you dont have it. And all of those times that you told me how close I was to you, all of those times you would tell me you cared, where were you when I needed you? Where were you when I was in bed with a knife to my own throat? Where were you when the tears where falling, where the hearts were breaking? And all of this time I thought you were there beside me. You sat there and told me that everything would be okay, you fucking provoaking liar. You were inside of those tears, you were in that knife, you were the thing that teared the veins of our hearts and broke our emotions in two. Your multiplicitive personalities can't comprehend this, it's so mind-boggling, so beyond your intelligence that you and your childish immaturity cannot even see who you really are. The mirror is smarter than you are. Well, even if this is all true, no matter what happens, I wont let you get the best of me. No matter who you are, what you do, what you say, I'll fight it. I wont feed your master-mining nogin, I wont sell myself to you. You're a backstabbing, robbing, consuming monster created by Satan himself, and I'm going to destroy you, no matter what it takes.