A good friend of mine told me there is such a place as 'Luthria', but it is differnet to the 'Luthria' I am using in this story. Everything is fictional and if there are similarities are all coincidence and faith. Enjoy reading the story.


When 2024 comes, the new Ice Age begins and the end to human race. The year of 2024 is the last year of human history. The planet Earth was used to its limit. People living in 2024 became the last humans living on Earth. Planet Earth was no longer blue like the ocean. The world people lived in was a dark maroon color. Day and night has a slight difference. Children of 2024 would stay home and pray for the day not to come.

The day of the end of the human race was really close. It could have been the very next day, a week from then, or a month. People never believed the end would be in 2024. People, naïve people, would live like nothing was ever said. Warfare continued, and crimes were still present. The real end of human race took people of 2024 by surprise. No one was ready for it. It was so sudden, everyone was gone instantly.

There are always exceptions. In the year of 2024, only eight people survived the end. These people were destined to not die by a guardian named Terra. Terra chose seven out of the eight people because they are incarnated with the powers to recreate the planet to its perfect state. The last one of the eight is a special one. He was the destined boy to ever bring peace to a perfect place. The eight people were saved by the goddess who brought them to a utopia. A utopia named Luthria, where the utopians are happy and friendly.

Luthria was created by Terra to keep the good-natured beings. Luthria is like heaven, but different. Luthria is a huge grass field with snow mountains, waterfalls, rivers, and a beautiful blue sky. People who make it to Luthria are people who accepted the challenge of faith and strive to for two very simple things in the world, the simple love and peace every person wants. The citizens of Luthria are immortals. They live as long as time. Death to them was a victory to their success in finding Luthria. As happy as one can be, there will be a disappointment somewhere along the way…