Sudden Death

Edward made his way in the house. His uncle's family was in the middle of eating dinner. Suddenly Edward heard a fork and being thrown on a plate. Edward heard his uncle saying, "Janet, what's wrong? Is the dinner that disgusting?"

"No, no, no," said a sharp feminine voice, "It's just seeing cousin Edward that made me lose my appetite." That was Janet's sharp, annoying voice.

"Get to your room!" said a harsh voice from the dinning room. Edward lowered his head and walks up a staircase. He went to his room. The dinner he had was a plate of cold spaghetti and meat sauce with a cup of water. The dinner was on a tray in font of his room. He picked up the tray and went into his room. He puts it down on his desk. Edward's room was quite small, rather square and closed in. His bed was about two steps from his desk and his closet was ten steps from his bed. The room didn't fit all his things, but he managed to live with it. He ate his dinner served on a paper plate. He was use to this, everything he was use to being treated like nothing.

While he ate, he did his homework from school. While doing his homework, he would get distracted and stare out his window. There was nothing outside besides the dark maroon sky. Not a sign of a star or the moon. Under the dark maroon sky, everything seems invisible. The opaque color darkens the world. Edward thought, 'The true Hell on Earth is like living in a dark hole with the devil.' He finished his dinner, and drank his water. He did his homework and he got bored and irritated by the homework.

The next morning, Edward got out of the house at the usual time, 5 am. He went to the park and sat for an hour. When the time comes, he would walk to school. The dark orange sky is as depressing as ever. He arrived at his school and today, he was bothered by the same blonde boy. This time it wasn't simply pushing, it was a real beating. A beating that can hospitalize him for months. The blonde boy's gang was having fun kicking Edward and bleeding him from their kicks. Edward was as weak as ever, he can never return an attack or protect himself properly. Edward was practically beaten half dead, no one came to help him, but they watched. Human nature changed its course in 2024. Everyone was selfish and they cared less. No one came to stop this tragedy.

Edward was about to fall unconscious when he felt less kicking. He used bits of his energy to get up, but he fell back down. He was helped up by Skyward Avian. Edward wanted to thank him, but he had no energy. The bullies were well taken care by Blaze Phlogiston and Vena Metallum. Edward was carried to the nurse office. Skyward puts Edward gently on the bed in the nurse office and went to find the First Aid Kit. Edward's eye lids felt very heavy, he didn't want to close his eyes. He breathed a lot slower than usual, and his heart beats slower and slower. His eyes shuts closed, his breathing stops, and so does his heart. It was too late when Skyward found the First Aid Kit box.

The bullies were well taken care of. They were fairly beaten by Vena and Blaze. Umbra Spiritus Manes decided to give then a special present. She tied all the bullies' hands and hanged them all under separate tree branches while they wailed for mercy and forgiveness. They were on their way to the nurse office.

Flora Grist and Cedar Whittle were in the nurse office. Sapphira Mizu was the last among the two to enter the nurse office. Skyward looked at them and shook his head while he looked depressed and sad. Blaze, Vena, and Umbra came to the nurse office. They too looked at Skyward shook his head. Skyward stood up from where he sat and walked up to the other six people. He stared at them and looked down to the floor.

Blaze got impatient and he questioned, "How's the kid?"

"Not good…bad," replied Cedar, "With that look on his face gives everything away…"

"So, is he okay?" asked Flora, "Hope he's okay…"

"He's not…," answered Skyward, "He's not breathing…He stopped breathing…"

"What?!" exclaimed Vena, "You mean he's dead?!"

"Obviously?" stated Blaze, "You're kidding right?"

"Nope, he's dead," said Umbra, "He's gone."

"And how would you know?" asked Sapphira, "Sorry for sounding awkward."

"I hear him saying thank you to all of you," responds Umbra moving her eye from one corner to another.

"You can do something to bring him back right?" asked Flora, "He really can't die."

"Do I look like Jesus Christ?" responds Umbra with her arms crossed.

"But you're you, you can definitely come up with something!" exclaimed Blaze, "Bet you're better than Jesus!"

"Can you?" questioned Sapphira nicely.

"Thanks for the pressure people, love you all," said Umbra with a tinge of sarcasm, "I think I can come up with something…It might be a bit gross."

"Just hurry," answered Flora feeling disgusted at how Umbra said it could be a bit gross.

Umbra searched around the nurse office to find a sharp object that cuts. Unfortunately there was none. She grinned and broke a glass vase. She picked up a piece of broken glass and sanitized it with alcohol. She walked to Edward, who was lying on a bed all beaten and bruised. Umbra looked for Edward's scar, and she found it. she rolled up Edward's sleeves and she placed the piece of broken glass on top of Edward's scar. Umbra pressed hard enough for the broken glass to open Edward's scar. Once the scar was open again, Umbra used the same piece of glass and opens a cut on her palm. She puts her hand in a fist and drips of blood come rushing out. The drips of blood were left to fall into Edward's open scar.

Umbra let's herself bleed while everyone stared at her with disgust and goose bumps. When Umbra stops letting herself bleed, she blows on Edward's scar and she licked the scar from bottom to top. After she licked Edward's scar, she licked her cut on her palm. Everyone was disgusted and she smirked. She said to disgust the others, "Our bloods taste really sweet. Want to try some?"

"That's disgusting!" yelled Flora with visible goose bumps on her body.

"I can tell by looking at you," answered Umbra licking her palm, "Give him ten minutes to gather his spirit together."

"You're one interesting person…," declared Vena looking at Umbra weirdly.

"I'll take that as a compliment," replied Umbra throwing the piece of broken glass to the sink.

"Isn't your palm still bleeding?" questioned Cedar randomly while he noticed Umbra swinging her cut palm around like nothing happened.

"No," answered Umbra showing her hand to the people in the room like a demonstration.

"How is that possible?" questioned Skyward, "You were bleeding…Weren't you?"

"I was, past tense," answered Umbra with a smirk.

"But how?" asked Blaze, "Do you practice Black Arts or something? Voodoo?"

"Well…Let's keep it at it's just me," retorted Umbra finding it silly and stupid to explain.

Edward sat up from the bed and he looked at everyone around the nurse office. Vena went up to him and stared into his eyes. Edward felt very awkward and he asked, "You okay?"

"I'm supposed to ask you that question," replied Vena, "So…Are you okay?"

"Feel better than ever," said Edward looking around the nurse office, "Why are you…people so shocked? Is there something wrong with me?"

"Are you a living dead?" questioned Skyward keeping his distance from Edward.

"I was dead?" said Edward shockingly, "When?"

"I thought you said he was talking to you," interrupted Blaze pointing his finger at Umbra.

"He was, past tense, and it's normal," answered Umbra glancing at Edward's face while it adjusts from pale white to a healthy white color.

"You lost me," added in Cedar looking confused and puzzled.

"It's natural for dead people to forget what they've done in the in-between stage of life and real death after they struggled well enough to live," retorted Umbra, "Simply saying, if the dead has strong momentum to survive, the things they've don in the in-between stage will be forgotten when they go back into living. Do you understand now?"

"That explains a lot of things," responds Sapphira and Vena in synchronize. Blaze gave Umbra a look that says I-know-what-you're-saying-but-I-don't on his forehead. Umbra sighs and gave up thinking of a simple explanation. Blaze took a minute to think out something and he inquired, "Generally to put it into English, he forgot everything he has done between life and real death after choosing to live. Is that what you're trying to say?"

"Whatever suits you, you're not as dim as you look," said Umbra with bits of sarcasm.

"What did you say?!" glared Blaze giving Umbra a cold look.

"So, you're saying I was dead then how did I come back to life…," asked Edward moving his eye from corner to corner.

"Can we say that you're blood bonded with…him?" questioned Skyward not knowing Edward's name.

"We're not blood bonded. Bonding is slightly impossible for me," answered Umbra with a chuckle.

"Whoa! You just confused me," interrupted Blaze, "So, are you blood bonded or not?"

"She's not," answered Vena, "But how are you not blood bonded?"

"Technically we are, but we're not," answered Umbra with a grin and a sigh.

"Can someone explain to me what's going on?" claimed standing from his bed. Umbra grunted from frustration and she grabbed Edward's scarred arm. Everyone, including Edward, gasped. The scar on his arm was gone.

"Care for some explaining…," questioned Sapphira and Cedar examining Edward's arm.

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