The Best Defence

I wished for the rain to stop, but maybe I shouldn't have. Sure, it was awful being cooped up in Zach's apartment for the three days it's been pouring, but now I don't have an excuse not to go out side. In the other room, I can hear the phone ringing, and Zach messing around with his acoustic guitar again. I hope he doesn't hear it, doesn't answer it, because I know it's Abbi calling.

Sooner or later, I'll have to make a move…

The last time I saw her was in the park, where we sat on the rails of the bridge and looked down at the water, which reflected the sky right into our eyes. And there we were, reflected at ourselves as well. I bet the whole parks flooded now, and the stingy white corpses of worms are lying limply in the puddles. If I was a kid, I'd go splash around in them, but I'm nearly seventeen. So I guess I could, but I won't.

A blue sky taunts me from the kitchen window. Before I can stop myself, I reach out my hand and pick up the phone.