And all of the sudden, I just wanted to cry.


The birds, they silenced,

The people pointed and laughed,

As I bailed my eyes out,

And knew that I was making a fool out of myself.


I don't know what came over me,

I'm not sure where the water came from…

But it's over now.

And I'm still crying.


The flood just descended freely,

Like a glacier melting in the sun…

And my face swelled up like a balloon.

The headache keeps on coming.


Why does it hurt so much,

Just to let it all out?

Why am I so tired, of holding it all in?

Why does the crowd whisper "She's pathetic"?


The time has come for me to realize,

It's not all pretty flowers,

And magical powers,

That seem to make it all alright.


I just want you to know, however,

That you were the one that killed my childhood dreams.

You pulled out my heart

And picked out every vein.


You made sure it would never beat again.

And it never will.