Elemental Elite

Chapter one

In the past, long before our records tell us of what was and our politicians told us of what could be, there were five planets revolving around one another in harmony. Each planet, governed by its own element, occupied by its own race, sought to create an ultimate terrain where all life could flourish as equals. The elemental primaries were the rulers of each planet, housing enormous power. Together, earth, water, wind, fire, and metal joined forces and created a planet from the names of their own; Titanius, Earth, Rubeus, Rah-Aura, and Atlantis. The name of this planet became Terra.

However, peace was not to happen. In the creation of much good, an evil was born at the heart of Terra. This evil grew quickly to be known as Mother Nature. The coming days of the celestial war were shorter than anyone had expected. Those who wanted power left their home planets and converted to the ways of evil and malice. The ones who stayed behind prepared for war.

When the time came, it was fierce from beginning to end. The clash of creatures from every element raged on in bloody torment. The small force of Terra slowly began to dwindle, and with a blood sacrifice, Mother Nature destroyed all planets but her own and cast a reincarnation hex to be sure that she would again be reborn. The hex backfired and saved the souls of the dying to one day be reincarnated when an equality of good and evil is obtained. Until then, Terra earned the name of Earth after the original Earth. Those who survived the battle were known in myth and lore as a variety of creatures, from the mermaid to the angel, and from the biomechanical creatures to the elves. From the earth grew humans who began to populate, serving as hosts to the wandering spirits who eagerly waited for the official rebirth, but always losing the memory of what happened whenever becoming the soul of a body.

This is where I come in. I was once a prophet from the planet Rah-Aura, the air planet, as a soul. It is what I am told, for none of us really ever remembered, but we believed. I was entrusted with the scrolls and scriptures of the past to one day relay the information to the rulers of each element that would, as prophesized, come together upon holy grounds to regain their power. My life has always been full of books and pages, and a library was built over very ancient burial grounds, the place where I work, and the beginning of a very amazing adventure.