All that she could think of, was whether or not she would die. A question she had often had purposed to her, but this time she really knew the answer. She could feel with every contraction her life ebbing out of her. The pain was almost too much to bear, yet she was becoming numb to it. Her hand twisted into the dirty cream sheets of the motel bed. God, how much it hurt.

If she could think any further about her predicament, she would have seen the irony of her situation. She started her life as a prostitute in a similar motel, similar dirty sheets and tobacco colored walls. Now in a bed that she would be normally faking-it in she lay screaming in it as she died.

The air was humid, which only added to her discomfort. The sweat her body produced was pouring onto the sheets, mixing with the blood that was leaking out of her. Her breathing was erratic, matching the beating of her heart. She had collapsed back onto the bed, tired and weak from the last push. She didn't know if she could go on any further. She didn't even know why she was trying so hard anyway. She had always hated children. Why was she so determined to make sure that this parasite inside of her would live?

She didn't know who the father was. She had been with hundreds of men easily, and tracking down all of her johns was impossible. Not to mention totally out of the question. He wouldn't have cared anyway, whoever he was. She was just a whore, a good whore, but a whore nonetheless. Now she was just a good as dead whore.

A hand gently placed itself on her back, digging between her naked skin, and the dirty sheets. She was brought back up to push again, and she let out a painful sob. They were making her kill herself by forcing her to bring this child in the world. A child she didn't want in the first place.

"Push again." Was the simple command of who appeared to be the ring leader of the group that held her hostage.

She felt stupid for not paying attention. All of these men that surrounded her had been stalking her for the past week. She would see them out of the corner of her eye, all in groups of two or three, sometimes more. She was used to being watched, and thought nothing of it. Working around Police and pimps had numbed her to the feeling. Hell, even passersby people watched her as she sold her wares. She had nothing to hide. A hooker with a bun in the oven was on a holiday. The money that she was receiving from the government covered most of her expenses. She couldn't very well work with a huge belly, could she?

In the wee hours of the morning, she thought that she would be fine. She just wanted a coke, nothing much. She walked down to the corner store without a care in the world. The neighborhood knew her, and she wasn't an innocent damsel in distress. No, she was never a withering flower. She was a woman of the world, who fully thought that she was just fine. She was always an independent woman, and being pregnant wouldn't slow her down.

That idea was destroyed as she returned to her room that was now full of men. They ambushed her, placing a hand over her mouth to block out the scream she emitted. There were too many of them in small room, for her to put up too much of a fight. She speculated that they must have been some part of Satanic group, doing some sort of strange ritual upon her. She had voiced a resistance to having them there, but that was quickly silenced as a gun was presented to her. Her entire life carried one true law: He, who has the gun, makes the rules.

They had barely said anything to her, and it had been seven hours since she went into labor. After they had gotten her to calm down, her water promptly broke. There was quite the scene as all twelve of them hurried around her to get ready for the baby. She was shoved onto the bed and situated. They even went as far as to remove her clothing. They weren't exactly violent with her, but they weren't particularly warm either. Any word from them was a barking command.

They hadn't left since her first contractions, and they were less then helpful. One was positioned to receive the child, while the others sat around and watched. If she paused the ring-leader would force her to continue. She felt as if she was no more than a science experiment to them. An entertainment for their sadistic cause.

The eerie thing was that she was so certain that another tenant of the Motel would've heard her screams by now. Not a soul seemed to have heard her. No police or motel manager came knocking. The only ones who seemed to be able to hear her were her captives, and they didn't seem to care at all.

She was now regretting her decision to not abort the baby. Abortions were just too expensive, and she hoped to get some money out of the unwanted child. A friend of hers had sold her kid to a nice couple, and received about three grand. Now she wished that she hadn't been so greedy. Maybe she would've lived?

The pain was beyond her now, and she could feel the moment arriving. Her first and last child was about to be born. An instinct snapped inside of her, and her brown eyes opened wide. She was about to be a mother, and no matter what her baby must live. That was all she could think of as she gathered new strength to push.

She felt for the man who was sitting beside her, making her push. She needed reassurance from someone, anyone, whether or not they were from a Satanic Group. Her hand blindly found his, and she squeezed her remaining strength into it. She could see nothing as her face contorted with pain, her knuckles going white as she squeezed out the remains of her life into her child's.

She had been innocent once. Just like the baby she was currently bringing into the world. She had made many a bad decision, and in the end she felt as if she truly deserved it. Maybe it was the heat of the moment, maybe it was just instincts, maybe the stress had gotten to her, nevertheless she could do this. She could make one selfless act, and give forth new life. She was just so sad to know, that she would've aborted it given the chance.

A baby's cry was heard, and the man who supported her let her crash back to the bed. She was so weak, but she wouldn't dare close her eyes. The men were moving again, she could hear them. The room was losing its focus now. She wouldn't be able to see straight soon.

She wanted to look at the child that was her doom. She wanted to see what she had sacrificed herself for. She had accepted her pain, and death, knowing that the men were not likely going to call an ambulance to save her. She would die there on that filthy bed, just like the typical women of ill repute. It could take days, or hours, she didn't know, but she had given birth to something that would possibly have a better life than her. That was something. She had at least done something relatively good with her life, and she wanted to see it.

Her eyes finally focused on the men that now gathered around the infant she couldn't see. The men seemed genuinely pleased towards the new arrival. Some laughed, while others smiled silently. The ring-leader held the infant as he cooed at the baby and batted his blue eyes towards it. The baby was still wailing its arrival, and the woman smiled. It was like its mother, loud and obnoxious.

"Can… I… see it..." The woman gasped out, rolling her head side to side trying to see. "My…baby…can I see…my child..."

The men returned to the stoic faces that she had grown so familiar with. The woman strained to see her child, her death. The men soon started to gather their things, and the woman started to panic.

"Please…let me see my child..." She pleaded to what appeared to be deaf ears.

The men started to file through the door without a second glance towards her. She strained to see where her child had gone amongst the bustling crowd of men. A lump formed in her throat as the door slammed shut as man after man exited. When she tried to sit up a different man pushed her back down, and made the first kind gesture of hushing her.

"It's okay, just relax." The man cooed in a voice as sweet as cucumbers.

"My baby…" the woman repeated, as the man caressed her head.

"We'll meet up in the usual place." A voice she recognized as the ring leader's stated.

The kind man gave a quick nod, and she heard the door close once again. Tears welled into the woman's eyes. Her baby was gone; she never got to see it. She had delivered her baby into the hands of evil. She hadn't wanted it as much as she did in that instant. She at the end of her existence decided that she actually wanted to be a mother.

"Now, now, tears won't get you anything." The man that was left behind cooed at her.

But the tears couldn't stop coming, and neither could the anger. "You stole my child." The woman sobbed. "I didn't even see…"

Her sobbing won over her ability to communicate. The man was now shifting through a bag searching for something. After a moment he found what he was looking for, and turned back towards the woman. A small vial and syringe was now in his hands as he filled the syringe with the liquid.

"We didn't steal anything from you. You didn't want to be a Mother, remember?" The man stated matter-o-factly. "Now you won't be."

The woman shook her head as the man reached for her arm. She didn't feel the needle enter her arm. Instead she still wanted to know something. "Please…tell me what it was. I want to know."

The man studied the broken woman before him. It wouldn't take long for the drug to take hold. She would die in a minute. Pity filled him as he gathered his things. Of all the women in the world why this poor creature?

Her breathing was slowing, and she would soon sleep forever. Slowly the man placed his mouth to the woman's ear. She shuddered slightly and he smiled a little as he whispered. "It was a girl, a beautiful, healthy, baby girl. She'll be okay; we'll take care of her. Thank you for delivering her to us."

The man placed a quick peck on the woman's head, and headed out. She was dead by time he arrived at the door. The woman was now an empty shell on a motel bed, just like she always was. In the end she smiled. She had a daughter, a daughter that would be loved far more than she ever was.

The kind man exited into the early morning sun. They had been there since two that morning. He stopped outside the door, and stretched out his neck languidly. They could all now get some sleep. He let out a long yawn, stretching out his arms. His head rotated to the left of him and he smiled at the man waiting there.

The ring leader stood smoking a cigarette patiently. He was just as tired as the kind man, if not more. The way the woman held onto him like that…it was haunting to say the least. He had delivered tons of children, but none of the mother's had reached out to him for support. It shook him, and he was a hard man to shake.

The ring leader turned abruptly as he heard laughter. He faced the kind man flicking his cigarette away from him. The kind man, came towards him, and lit up a cigarette for himself. The leader turned back towards the parking lot, his back against the wall of the Motel. The other man mirrored him, taking long deep drags.

"Don't tell me that she got to you." The kind man chuckled.

The leader was reluctant to answer. He was never a good liar, finding little need in the action. He shrugged his shoulders a bit and responded. "Sometimes we all get a little shaken. Father picked an interesting one this time."

The response he got from his brother was a nod and a chuckle. "Yes he did. I didn't think that he would let a woman like that carry his child. He must have seen something in her that he really liked." The kind man stated to his brother before walking away. "It's a shame that we didn't really get to know our step-mother, it would have been fun." He called behind him.

The leader smiled. The woman was of no consequence. She would've died either way. She just wasn't strong enough to bear the weight of her own child. They had done her a service killing her off. She was lucky in a way, for not being one they pegged to survive. She didn't have to hear that her child was stillborn, and live with the guilt. The leader didn't know whether or not she would've survived days or hours. Euthanasia was the best, most humane option.

He smiled wider. His Father had birthed boys for the longest time. Having eleven brothers was interesting, but now he had a sister. She was so beautiful, with her grey eyes, and crop of fine blonde hair. The statement his brother had said to the woman wasn't a lie. She was going to be well taken care of. He was going to see to it personally