It was Wednesday, and Kane was running out of time. She lay contemplating in the indent of the half-pipe. She needed a place to think badly and the half-pipe always was a good pondering spot. There was just so much she had left to inform Matt, before they probably would be discovered. And more problems just kept popping up. What to do, what to do?

After Shelia had left the day before, Kane became withdrawn. Her family had ordered out, and Kane decided she couldn't eat. The Chinese food had been somewhat tempting, but she felt that if she ate something it would make her vomit. Turning thirty was supposed to be the time of her life, instead it seemed like she had entered Hades.

Her brothers acted concerned when she sequestered herself in her room. Adrian came with a plate of food like an offering to appease her. She didn't eat but she let Adrian comfort her. They had sat on her bed for the rest of the evening. Adrian talked about recent Demi news, bypassing anything to do with Saturday. The conversation was one sided as Kane half listened and pouted for the most part.

So here she was, sitting on the half pipe second guessing herself, drumming out her frustration with her fingers against the coarse wood. Matt was probably furious with her for not returning to him on Tuesday. She wanted more time, she needed more time. Three days was simply not enough. Not with Haku already sniffing around, and her brothers from Europe arriving on Thursday.

She had overheard that snippet of information earlier that morning. Her brothers were holding yet another meeting without her, which made Kane mad enough to kill. They discussed living arrangements; pick-up times, and shared fond memories of ancient adventures.

Her brothers from Europe were different than the American ones. They were sterner, more mysterious in their feelings. Not to mention that there was tension between most of them and her American family. The one thing that the Ares clan wasn't short on was Drama.

Adam was the next in line after Frank, and the somewhat leader in Europe. He and Christian touched base with each other through Christians Mistress, Claire. Adam and Christian had a disagreement years before and still barely talked to each other. Adam fancied himself equal or greater to Christian, and constantly bickered over orders. Christian would win, but only because of rank.

Kane shuddered at the thought of her European brothers. Most of them she didn't really know, and some of them were just nice to visit not to live with. Adam was one that she could never live with, and the only one to treat her with apathy or disdain. She questioned his love for her, but knew deep down that he did in fact care for her. They were siblings after all.

Kane mused for a moment over the aspect of all of them together again. There were sure to be fireworks when they got here, and she could just see the power play beginning. Then one aspect crept into her mind, and Kane curse aloud rubbing her temples like she had a headache. She had forgotten about one particular brother that was sure to arrive, Rolland.

That was the one brother that would be more of a problem. He topped all of her brothers in being overprotective. Rolland would let Kane get away with murder for the most part, but then he always demanded her full obedience to his wishes. Christian was bossy, but fair. Short of torture, Rolland would do anything to make sure Kane did as he asked.

Rolland was also in a sense evil. Most Demi's held themselves with a sense of decorum, and a somewhat mortal sense of what was right and wrong. This wasn't the case with Rolland. Rolland was in the true sense of the word a true sadist. He loved tormenting mortals, mostly women. Pain was an aphrodisiac to him, but not purely on the physical level.

No Rolland loved to break a person's heart. He caused trouble wherever he went, and to the Ares Clan, it was somewhat an adorable trait. No one could talk of Rolland's wanderings and conquests without smiling. For as much trouble as he caused, he was also very good at excluding his family. He cleaned up his messes without any help.

Once Rolland got to Los Angeles, Kane would be pulling some serious strategic moves to get away from his ever watchful eye. For Rolland had one weak point and that was Kane. No one was good enough for her, and he would be the one to take her being a Mistress the hardest.

Rolland was a true believer that Kane should be held upon a pedestal and spoiled. She was a daughter of Ares, and above everyone else. Christian had ordered him back to Europe in fear of Rolland's effect on Kane .That was Christian's reasoning, but in a weird way Kane was positive that it was darker than that... A hell of a whole lot darker.

She shook her head at the idea. What of Rolland? So he would be overbearing as always. They had fun when he was around, and if he decided to stay he would be more than glad to help her ward off any would be Masters. But as much as she loved her brother, she did in a way fear him. And she didn't know why.

What to do with three days? And how was she going to not conveniently show for the party? With all twelve of them in Los Angeles it was going to be hard to hide. Not to mention the extra six would show up with their Wives and Mistresses in tow. That would be a hell of a lot of people looking for her in the Los Angeles area.

Kane banged her head against the wood of the half-pipe. She needed more time, and a chance to be alone. But where could she run? She needed a safe house, a place to take Matt and no one would guess where she went…

An idea popped into her head making her smile. Kane suddenly sat up hugging her knees towards her body, and balanced her face on top. This was an idea that was sure to work. She looked around the warehouse finding it empty as she already knew it to be. She laughed out loud at her own cleverness. Her brothers trusted her far too much for their own good. This little idea of hers was going to hurt when it finally caught up with her, but in the long run it was worth it.

Felling somewhat invulnerable, Kane slid till she was off of the half-pipe and pulled out her cell phone. With a bounce in her step she made her way to her room, mobile phone ringing. Matt picked up with a grumpy air, demanding to know what had happened to her.

Kane smiled as she pulled the phone away from her ear, allowing Matt to vent his frustrations. When the small gadget fell silent she put the mouth piece to her mouth and said one command. "I need you to pack for a few days."

She rounded the corner throwing open the door to her room. Matt was silent on the other end of the phone, probably still trying to process her command. Kane balanced the small phone between her cheek and shoulder as she pulled a ratty army standard duffel bag from her closet. By the time she had dusted it off, and was already shuffling through her closet, Matt regained his composure.

"What?" he demanded, his tone alerting Kane that he wasn't in a patient mood today.

She smiled at the thought, amazed at how quickly Matt and her had bonded. "I need you to pack for a road trip. I'm gonna pick you up in about an hour. Well, give or take traffic. You need enough things to last you for about five days."

"Again, I repeat…What?" Matt snapped into the phone.

Kane suddenly found that she was losing patience. "Just do it Matt. I'll explain everything on the way." She snapped instantly closing the phone.

Kane hurried throwing everything she suspected that she would need in the bag. After her room looked like a natural disaster hit it, she threw the bag out her bedroom door and over the balcony into the main area of the warehouse downstairs. She then shut off her phone tossed it into her room, and with a little wave to it made her way downstairs.

Once she made it downstairs she walked pat the bag towards the island in the kitchen area. She plucked an apple from the bowl of fruit that laid there and wrote a note on the pad of paper that was ever present on the island.

Dear Brothers of Mine,

I'm going to be out late tonight. I'm at the Goddess Within Spa in Burbank.

I don't know how long it's gonna take. I might go to a club or something later. So don't wait up and please don't call me. I want to relax before my big day.

Love yah.


She ripped the piece of paper off the pad and sat it on the bowl of fruit. After a well deserved cackle she ran to the duffel bag, and lifted it. It would take them a little too long to realize that she was in fact not coming home. And by that time they would be scrambling to pick up the European brothers whilst trying to locate her. The cell phone could be tracked so Kane left it behind.

What a naughty little sister she was.

Matt sat glaring at the smiling woman who was driving. She had still offered no reasoning to her bazaar request. Instead she had grabbed him and his luggage and sped full throttle out of the city. He was waiting patiently for her to begin, but she seemed occupied in looking behind them. A few minutes would pass before she would double check her mirrors to see if anyone was behind them.

After fifteen minutes Matt had enough. "Is there any particular reason as to why someone would be following us?" He asked his tone somewhat condescending.

Kane stopped checking her rear window to look towards him and smile. "More and more I find that you're definitely related to me. " Kane returned her glare towards the road. "We're going north up near Carmel, and Monterey Bay. I have a friend with a cabin, and we're going to hide out there for a few days." She looked towards him again. "You'll finally meet a different Demi than me."

Matt was still stuck on the idea of "hiding out". He shuffled nervously in his seat as Kane changed lanes on the freeway. She had rushed him out the door so fast that he was convinced that someone was after them. Had they found out about Kane and his little meetings? Kane had explained that it wasn't illegal in her world to talk to him, but illegal for them to be recording a history. It was an offense that brought death. Kane could share a secret with a mortal, but couldn't conspire to do anything that could compromise that secret.

"Whom are we running from Kane?" Matt asked failing to hide the small seed of panic in his voice.

Kane let out an exhausted sigh, and tightened her grip on the steering wheel. "Don't worry were not running from anyone…."

"Thank God." Matt breathed out in an exasperated whisper, interrupting her.

"…yet." Kane finished making Matt's face of reprieve drop.

"What do you mean, "yet"?" he asked his voice going up a pitch.

"I mean that we will be soon, and that is why we need to get there quickly." Kane stated, slamming on her brakes to avoid collision with the driver in front of them. Matt squawked as he was jolted forward towards the dash board. His sweaty palms felt sticky against the leather of her dash board. He pulled back watching as the liquid of his palms remained on the leather for a moment, before soaking in.

"Dear God, Kane slow down." He heaved out, his heart pounding in his chest. Kane giggled at his apparent frightened form. Somewhere deep inside herself Kane was a sadist as much as her brother Rolland.

"Sorry, but we're in a bit of a hurry. As soon as we're out of the city then I'll slow down." Kane said with an air of humor in her voice. Matt was sort-of endearing when he was scared.

"Did they find out?" Matt asked cautiously.

Kane looked at him confused, before facing the road again. "Did who find out what?" She asked.

"Did your people find out about the project?" Matt asked after clearing his throat. He didn't come off as scared as he felt. After meeting Kane he had placed all Demi's in her image. If they were anything like the girl Demi he met, then they were in trouble.

Kane let out an uncomfortable laugh and shook her head. "Oh, no, no they haven't found out about that, I assure you. If they had, there would be no where in the world to hide for us." Her voice was trying to stay pleasant but Matt heard an underline tone that convinced him that she was just as worried as to what would happen if they were discovered.

"Kane, if I go and meet another Demi, won't it compromise the project?" Matt asked trying not to think of people potentially following them.

"They're bound to find out about you sooner or later Matt." Kane responded coolly. "I'm just delaying the inevitable right now, due to time."

"And what exactly does that mean?" Matt asked, nervously playing with his seatbelt.

Kane let out a huge sigh. "It means Matt, that I have a ton of things to tell you before Saturday. After that I'm pretty positive that the word will get out that I'm protecting a mortal. After that our ability to meet without suspicion or alone will decrease, and I need you to understand some things before that happens. Like I said I have a friend in the woods up north. She'll help me explain some of the things in our world to you before you become the center of attention."

Matt rubbed the bridge of his nose before exhaling his own huge sigh. "What is going on Saturday? Why would I suddenly be the center of attention in your world? And most importantly, who is going to be coming after us?"

Kane switched lanes again, before slowing down after noticing the highway patrol. "Saturday is my birthday. You would be the center of attention because no one in Los Angeles among the Demi's has protected a mortal in a hundred years. And the people who will be coming after us are our family. They aren't going to be happy with me when they find out I've skipped town."

"And by family you mean your brothers?" Matt asked with a gulp.


"All twelve of them?" Matt asked slightly irked.

"All twelve of them." Kane repeated back at him.

"They're gonna kill me." Matt stated, feeling a headache coming on.

"They can't. I'm protecting you, remember? If they're going to kill anyone it'll be me" Kane answered, suddenly speeding up to make her exit. Matt sucked in some air and tilted his head back keeping his eyes closed. Where the in hell did she learn to drive?. He thought venomously.

"In my experience with older brothers, they tend to blame the boy that's with the sister." Matt stated with a groan. This was getting out of hand already. He had just allowed himself to become kidnapped by a girl on the run. He could just see twelve angry Demi brothers slicing him up piece by piece.

Kane laughed then. "Not mine, this one they'll defiantly blame me about." She said with just a dash of spite.

Matt groaned, again and Kane looked at him. She could understand his fear about this. He was just a mortal after all. "Don't worry so much Matt. I'll make sure you come out okay. Think of it this way…you wanted to be a top notch journalist, right? Well, if you had become one before I met you then you would be going all over the world walking straight into dangerous situations."

"Yes, but those situations would've been calculated and ensured for my safety and everyone else's. Not just some spur of the moment action." Matt retorted, leaning his chair back as if he would take a nap.

Kane remained silent. Silent enough that Matt turned in his seat to look at her. Her face was somber, her pale eyes glittering with untold emotion. She seemed ridged, as if she were as unmovable as any stone. Matt vaguely understood that he had upset her in some way, but he didn't understand how. She shook her head flinging back a few stray dread-locks.

"You need to have faith in me." She finally stated, breaking the silence. She sighed then. "I would never jump into a situation that I never could get out of. I know what to expect, and how to deal. I'm not some stupid kid, just doing whatever mood strikes her."

Matt sighed; apparently he had struck a sore spot without him knowing it. He had no earthly idea on where she got that he didn't trust her. He did, but he just didn't like her choice of execution. "I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings Kane. But in the past few days that I've known you I've been jerked every which way with little explanation. I'm a little stressed."

"It's cool." Kane stated her hand reaching for the radio. "I'm stressed too; let's listen to some music for a while."

Matt reached out to stop her from turning the radio on. "Wait, who is the woman we're going to see?" He asked.

"Her names Virginia and she's the only child of Artemis." Kane answered.

Matt balked. He had read up on some of the Greek Myth's since meeting Kane. What Kane had said couldn't be true. After Kane turned on the radio, Matt quickly turned it back off. Kane shot a look at him, but Matt wasn't going to back down.

"But Artemis is a virgin goddess." Kane just looked at him. "She can't have a daughter." Matt stated with enough conviction anyone would agree that there was no room for argument.

Except for Kane, she in turn laughed. "Virginia was born about two hundred years ago. Artemis hasn't been a virgin for a long time." She then added darkly. "And she wasn't too terribly thrilled to have been exposed for the liar that she had become."

Matt adjusted his seat, making it sit up rapidly with a creak. "Artemis had sex?" He breathed out dumbfounded.

Kane giggled. "Let me guess you've been reading the old myths. Most of them are true, yet out of date. Athena, Artemis, and even Hestia got over being frigid and decided to indulge. Though Athena and Hestia did it more for survival as people started to forget about them, they made it publicly known. Artemis told everyone that she would never give in, and a few centuries later she unexpectedly became pregnant. That blew her little story of chastity out the window. People then started questioning just how long Artemis had been lying."

Matt blinked out his disbelief. "But surly she could have covered it up. I mean women have abortions all the time."

Kane shook her head. "A huge crime amongst gods is to cause the death of your own child if they are innocent of true crimes against them. Zeus would've locked her away for eternity if she killed Ginny to cover up a lie. That carries true in our own world. Women do not have the right to have an abortion."

'Then why not claim rape?" Matt countered.

Kane laughed a sarcastic laugh. "Most gods are proud beings. Artemis would've much rather admitted to falling victim to passion rather than saying a mortal man overpowered her."

Matt stared at Kane who had a cruel smile on her face. Since the conversation had started, Kane seemed to be a little vindictive in her wording. "You don't seem to care for your Aunt very much." Matt commented.

Kane glanced at him out of the corner of her eye. "Wait until you meet Virginia. Then you'll understand why."

"Aren't you worried?" Matt asked with a whisper.

"About what?" Kane snapped out confused.

"That Artemis might hear you." Matt answered.

Kane let out a snort. "She might, or she might not. Anyway it doesn't matter; Artemis knows how I feel about her. I just won't expect any favors from her anytime soon." She then looked poignantly at Matt. "That doesn't mean for you to go off and insult a God. They typically look the other way for me, as long as my statements aren't too bad. They won't tolerate it from a mortal. "

It was now Matt's turn to let out a sarcastic laugh. "I'm finding out that there are more and more restrictions for mortals in you world and the only example of how to behave accordingly is from you. Should I be concerned?"

Kane smiled and returned her attention to the road. "Sorry Matt. But it's definitely "do as I say and not as I do.""

"Now you really sound like an Aunt." Matt joked, and turned on the radio.