While watching news cast one time, they showed 10 people trying to push a station wagon out of the flooded street, only 2 or 3 feet deep. Suddenly a water moccasin started swimming toward them. They all moved, not toward land which was no lie 3 feet away, but instead frantically trying to climb on top of the car almost completely submerged in water. You couldn't help but think why not get on the land that was closer and probably safer? While watching some of the people on the news shows it's no wonder that during storms more people get hurt or killed. I mean if a snake came towards me and I tried climbing on top of my car I would probably get hurt too. Now I am not saying that it is not more dangerous to do that while it is flooding, but during storms it is like people lose what little common sense they had in the first place. I mean come on; we've all seen those reporters, and those people who go outside to tape the tornado five feet from their house. Many of us wonder what the hell they are thinking. Anyone with a brain would know not to go outside and tape your dog flying down the street. You know who I mean, the people who tape their dog and you hear them say on tape, "Whatcha doing up there Sparky?" Even better is the reporter who is standing in three feet of water that is rushing into the gutter and taping it. Now isn't it common sense that you don't stand in rushing water, during a flood, and stand in front of a gutter that could potentially drown you if you got sucked into it? Most of us know driving in a flood is not a smart thing to do, but yet some people think that is an excellent idea. We've all seen the air surveillance tape catching a dumb pickup driving across a flooded bridge and getting swept away. How many of you would drive head on into water you could tell was rushing by and could not see the bottom of? I also love those people who decide it is a good idea to do wheelies on icy streets. That is probably a factor in the accident related deaths during ice storms, don't you think? It's like that movie The Day After Tomorrow, with the reporter who stands in the middle of the tornados in LA and then gets hit with a billboard. You knew that was going to happen, and you know people do that in real life. I also love the people who went out in that snow storm. I mean truly where were they going to go, all of the Northern United States was frozen. They make movies about how illogical people are during storms, don't you think that instead they need to educate the public instead of entertaining them?