Chapter 11: Meeting the Expert

As Zephyrin pulled up at the airport's parking lot, and got out of her vehicle. From the moment she stepped out of her car, a young woman in her early twenties ran up to the short dark violet haired female and giving her the biggest hug almost making the other female fall off balance. The woman with long and beautiful brown hair and mesmerizing grey blue eyes smiled as she looked up at Zephyrin and said, "Hey baby, missed you an awful lot."

"We just saw each other like three days ago, Yin," replied Zephyrin as she sighed and wrapped her arms around the other young woman known as Yin.

"I still missed you an awful lot," answered Yin with utmost satisfaction. "I'm glad I get to spend more time with you."

"Let's get going shall we?" asked Zephyrin as she took Yin's small luggage and separated from their embrace. Yin smiled and got into Zephyrin's black vehicle.

As Zephyrin drove off from the airport, Yin keeping her smile made it seem like she was currently in paradise. Zephyrin looked over to her passenger and could not help but grin before she asked, "Am I that unforgettable?"

"In a matter of are...I couldn't get you out of my mind," said Yin almost seductively as she reached over to touch a few strands of Zephyrin's short hair.

Zephyrin could not help but laugh as she averted her attention back to driving and she said, "Well, you better have some self control while you're here. We'll be working with a lot of innocent minds while you're here."

"Would I get a reward if I can keep their innocent minds unpolluted while I'm here?" smiled Yin with sheer bliss.

"That we'll have to see," replied Zephyrin. "Got a place to stay while you're here?"

"Nope, would you adopt me? I don't want to stay at a dinky hotel somewhere," said Yin as she stroked Zephyrin's hair in a very loving way.

"I'm sure I can arrange something, but like I said you have to behave and there's a minor living with me at the moment," said Zephyrin as she kept driving.

"You're living with a minor? How old are we talking about here?" asked Yin as she looked at the driver.

"She's ten, the only survivor of a case," said Zephyrin as she reassured the other female in the vehicle.

Yin smiled and continued her hair stroking mannerisms as she remained quiet during the rest of the drive towards Zephyrin's meeting place with the others.

Ichiro, Toran, and Selena waited outside Zephyrin's workshop and not too long after they arrived, the black car driven by Zephyrin pulled up. Everyone was a little shocked when someone else was with her. Ichiro looked at his friend's guest and felt a familiar feeling about the brown haired female. Zephyrin invited everyone inside her workshop and told them to serve themselves to whatever was available to them. She threw off her long black coat somewhere and did not care about where or what it landed on as she disappeared for a bit.

The brown haired woman walked up to a coat hanger to hang her grey coat and walked back to the group. It was very quiet and she took the initiative to break the ice and introduce herself to the rest of the group.

"I'm Yin Lussuria," she said with a smile. "I'll be helping you out with your current case."

"Oh I remember now," interrupted Ichiro as he remembered. "You're a language specialist and analyst. I knew I've seen you somewhere. I'm Ichiro Yokoshima, nice to meet you."

"Selena Miko," said Selena as she smiled at Yin.

"Toran Oni," introduced Toran.

Zephyrin returned back to the group after Yin's response of it being a pleasure to meet the others. She carried a jar and I stack of paper as she walked towards the group.

"Seems to me that everyone has got to know each other, let's get work in figuring this out before the double pressure comes our way."

"But don't even know where to start," interrupted Toran as he liked the idea of putting all their brains to work.

"With him," answered Zephyrin as she held out the jar she brought back with her and handing it to Ichiro.

Zephyrin led the group to another of the many rooms in Zephyrin's workshop. The room the Obake-Mo family leader led them to looked similar to a conference meeting room. A room filled with chairs and a drawing board ran by a computerized system. Zephyrin invited everyone to sit down and once everyone sat down, Ichiro placed the jar on the table and left it to Zephyrin's judgement as to when to open it for the rest of the group to see what is inside the cylinder shaped jar.

"And what might this be?" asked Yin as she stared at the bizarre looking jar.

"The code we're trying to crack for this case," answered Zephyrin opened the jar and had the whole group observe the markings on the blue tinted spirit.

"Hmm...Looks like a giant head scratcher to me," said Ichiro. "Do you think it might be demonic?"

Toran stepped forward to take a good look at the inscriptions that was left on the spirit. Zephyrin passed him the sheet of paper that was attached to his head when Ankio was found. Toran stared at it for a short while and passed the sheet of paper along to Yin and he looked back at the inscriptions on Ankio's skin.

"Judging by that curse sheet and the inscriptions on his skin," said Toran. "This isn't just a water case. The markings are demonic..."

"Under the jurisdiction of Invidia," interrupted Yin.

"This is only bound to get more and more intestine as we go along," said Zephyrin as she crossed her arms.

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