I was lost in your mercy, for so long

'Cus I did something that was so wrong

I was shaking disturbed so long forever

I hope we do stay together

We've been scattered to the four winds to live

We've given up so much yet we give

First I'm right then I'm wrong

Then I'm here next I'm gone

Without you what can I do

'Cus I'm lost without you

I knew there was something from the start

You're the only girl that has my heart

And this world is so cold

No one dares to be bold

And heck there ain't no love

Only fire and brimstone from above

I was afraid at the start but I know you have my heart

I thought it was you for me and me for you

I thought you wouldn't rip my heart in two-

million pieces

It was just us two

I love you

And we do

Whatever we want to

I was right from the start, you're the only girl broke my heart