Dear Friend,


Just because you act differently

Smile differently and laugh

Just because you think

And just because you love

People who are the same as you

People, the same gender as you

Just because you write

Things that are special

And because you aren't a puppet

You don't follow them around

They cast you out

Barred you from friends

Spread the word

That you were – you were different

And now you sit at home

You don't go to school anymore

The internet's your life

Because you have no friends

You're so alone

And sometimes that scared me

Scares e how sad you seem

How depressed you seem


A couple days ago

You're mother emailed mine

Telling her how you were sick

How you've collapsed three times

I stared at the computer screen

As my mother read this out

As she told me

That apparently

This had been happening for a month

I stared at the screen

Because you never told me

Never even said

That you were sick

You're too withdrawn

Too – I don't know

I'm just so worried

So scared

Because, don't you deny it

You told that boy on the RP site

You told him

Someone you don't even know

And not me

I thought I was your friend

It's not like this is the first time

Last summer when you had trouble

With those snotty girls

You told your internet buddy first

Told him everything

You told him also

How you might move

To somewhere far away

Far away for far too long


What about me, friend?

What about me?

Can't you see I'm worried?

Can't you see I care?

What happened to us?

Out friendship so grand…

Things are just too difficult these days

Too confusing, too much

But that's why we have each other

To care for and talk to

What's why

No matter what

I'm here for you

And you're there for me

Talk to me

Any time

Whenever you want

Whatever you need


Remember me

And never forget

Summer camp

When we were nine

And we got in trouble

Trouble for drinking

Each other's blood

We both could have got sick

Deadly sick, we could have died

But we didn't

We're just fine – sort of

We're just fine

Because we're sisters

Blood sisters


Maybe it's a sign

To show is

We were meant to be friends

No matter what

Open up to me

As I try to do for you

I'm not too busy for you

I'm not too busy with myself

And my own problems

That stupid excuse

That you put on me

Isn't going to work again


Friend, I emailing you the link

The link to this

Because I didn't know

Any other way

Poetry helps me cope

Helps me to survive

Don't be scared

Pick that pen up again

It's been a long tie

But I think you can do it

You're still on my favourites list

Because even if you stopped

Stopped updating, long ago

You're my favourite friend

No matter what


Gallop through life

Soar through your trouble

Because you can do it

I know you can

And I know I'm rambling

But I need to get it out

This didn't go the way I wanted

But that's okay

Because poetry's unexpected

You never know

What's going to come out

Poetry's unexpected

A little like friendship

Don't you think?


A decade since we me

May it be many more



Your best friend



A/N: Quoted from Nickelback's song, Far Away