Common icebreaker

Normal topic

No offence taken

Simple question

Asked what you like

What it is

When you have time

Little answer

Nothing new

To me

"Writing's my life"

I answer softly

Confused looks

Silly laughs

Giggles and faces

"Poetry, mostly" I admit

More strangeness

To them

They who do not understand

But you

My reader…


You know what

Is so amazing

About these words

You know the feeling

Of freedom, no fears

When you write

And when you

Pour your soul

Onto paper

You know

That feeling

Being, perhaps

Able to touch


And change their lives

Their thoughts

It's that feeling

Why I write

I write for me

And I write

For my soul


I privately laugh

As they walk away

Looks on their faces

"Cause they just don't

Don't understand

I suppose it's their loss

Isn't it?

Their loss

That they just

Don't understand