Dear Diary,
I only have one friend left now, you. Charles got mad at me again for calling him Charlie. I think it went deeper than that because he has been grouchy lately. I've done alot for Charles over the months. I have cheated for him,given him money, and have laughed at his stupid jokes. All I got in return was a so-called "friendship" but that is over now too. I wish our friendship was like a math problem difficult to figure out but simple to redo. He isn't part of an equation though and him and I are no longer friends. I never liked him as more than a friend but my heart feels a void where he used to be.

Losing Charles as a friend reminded me of me and Erica. Her and I used to be playground pals. We always held hands, went down the slide together, and shared peanut butter cookies. Whoops! Sorry for writing that. That wasn't really a fact but one of these wierd flashbacks I sometimes get. They feel so real but the girl in them doesn't look like me. The girl is younger than me and much more prettier.

Sometimes I dream about the girl and I wonder how many friends she has. I know that is a strange thing to wonder but I do. I know she proabably has more friends then me and most likely the type that don't treat you like gum on the bottom of someone's shoe.

Once in my room I found a tiny stuffed animal, the kind from a fastfood resteraunt
and it had the inital "EJ" on the tag. I wonder what "EJ" stands for. For some reason the first thing that crossed my mind was the "E" stood for Erica. But why would I have her stuffed animal in my room?

Aww man! I here my mom calling me down for dinner I better go...