My Love

The dawn was perfect.
The sun welcomed me with unending radiance.
I wake to the day of perfection and to my love.
And she is the everything of my life.
I have loved her from the moment I saw her.

I can't find the words that explain my love,
The feelings run too deep and too profound to explain.
And my heart is complete with her now.
If I would ever fall, her hands will guide me up again.
In my darkest times her words will make it right again.

My life has a purpose and its fells good to be alive.
Amazing at how one person can show you the beauty of life.
I can't ask for anything more of her.
She is my inspiration in all that I do.

I woke to her eyes and lips smiling at me.
I thank God every day she stands with me.
Her voice makes my knees weak and shack.
She always makes me laugh and smile.

I count myself lucky everyday she is with me.
I am blessed by having her say that she loves me.
And I love her above any other on this earth.
She is the single flower growing in my garden.
The only women in my mind when I lay to sleep or wake to the sun.
She is everyhting that I have been waiting and hopping for.
I will love her until my final breath.